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Movie history events from 1776

Barnabas Collins rejects his family's servant, Angelique Bouchard. Being a witch, she exacts her revenge by putting a spell on his lover Josette du Pres that makes her walk off a cliff. Barnabus turns into a vampire and is buried in a coffin by an angry mob. (Collinsport, Maine) (Dark Shadows)

At the gravesite of his mother, Victor Frankenstein vows to "put a stop" to death. (Geneva, Switzerland) (Mary Shelley's Frankenstein)

3rd March: Silas Deane, Connecticut delegate to the Continental Congress, leaves for France on a secret mission. ( Fayette, La)

14th March: Alexander Hamilton receives his commission as Captain of a New York artillery company. (Alexander Hamilton)

29th March: General George Washington appoints Major General Israel Putnam commander of the troops in New York. (The Beautiful Mrs. Reynolds)

29th April: General George Washington orders Brigadier General Nathanael Greene to take command of Long Island and set up defensive positions against a possible British attack on New York City. (The Scarlet Coat)

12th June: The Virginia Convention, unanimously adopts George Mason (Williamsburg, Virginia) (A More Perfect Union: America Becomes a Nation)

29th June: Edward Rutledge expresses his reluctance to declare independence from Britain in a letter to the like-minded John Jay of New York . (1776)

July: Patriot Lou brings Nick, Jacob, and Adam Jr. to found America. (Washington D.C.) (Hot Tub Time Machine 2)

4th July: Second Continental Congress formally adopts Declaration of Independence. (1776)

4th July: Declaration of Independence is signed. (Philadelphia, PA) (1776)

4th July: Declaration of Independence. (Vertigo)

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