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Movie history events from 1885

Chester A Arthur finishes presidency of the United States of America. (Die Hard: With a Vengeance)

Allan Quatermain discovers King Solomon's Mines. (King Solomon's Mines)

A woman in New Mexico reunites with her estranged father to rescue her daughter. (The Missing)

Chon Lin runs into an attempted-murderer, who may or may not be the future Jack The Ripper. (London) (Shanghai Knights)

Gilbert and Sullivan create The Mikado after nearly splitting. (Topsy-Turvy)

1st January: On the spot of New Year, Dr Emmett L Brown arrives in Hill Valley from 1955. (Back to the Future Part III)

April: William Sean McFly born. (Back to the Future Part III)

April: William Sean McFly born to Seamus and Maggie McFly, and becomes the first McFly to be born in America. (Back to the Future Part III)

3rd May: Jonathan Harker arrives at Castle Dracula. (Dracula)

17th May: Geronimo flees Arizona reservation. (Arizona) (Geronimo)

26th May: Al Jolson is born. (St. Petersburg, Russia) (The Jolson Story)

24th June: Woodrow Wilson marries Ellen Axson. (Savannah, Georgia) (Wilson)

4th July: Doc Brown knocked out by one shot of whisky. (Back to the Future Part III)

23rd July: Former U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant dies of throat cancer. (Mt. McGregor, New York) (Wild Wild West)

29th August: In one timeline, the townsfolk arrange who will pick up Clara, the new schoolteacher, but no one volunteers. (Hill Valley, CA) (Back to the Future Part III)

1st September: Doc Brown hides the Delorean in Delgado mine and writes to Marty in the future. (Back to the Future Part III)

2nd September: 8am (Back to the Future Part III)

4th September: Clara Clayton supposedly dies in "The Clayton Ravine", or is saved by Doc Brown. (Back to the Future Part III)

4th September: In one timeline, Clara Clayton and her horse career into Shonash Ravine, to be renamed after her. (Hill Valley, CA) (Back to the Future Part III)

5th September: 8pm - The clock tower in Hill Valley starts running. (Back to the Future Part III)

7th September: A train falls into a ravine, and Marty McFly travels through time to 1985. (Back to the Future Part III)

7th September: Emmett Brown is shot in the Back by Buford Tannen over a matter of 80 dollars. (Hill Valley, California) (Back to the Future Part III)

29th September: Upon receiving a letter from the London landlady of her slightly-insane sisters, Emily and Lousa, threatening their immediate eviction and possible institutionalization, Miss Ellen Creed asks permission of Leonora Fiske, with whom she is employed as companion, to bring them home for a brief visit. Miss Fiske will live just long enough to regret saying, "Yes." (10 miles east of Gravesend, England) (Ladies in Retirement)

November: Men accused of murder and rustling are hanged without a trial by a lynch mob, only to be proved innocent. (Ox-Bow Valley, Nevada) (The Ox-Bow Incident)

11th November: George S Patton Jr is born. (San Gabriel, California) (Patton)

11th November: Future actress Elise McKenna is born. (Salt Lake City) (Somewhere In Time)

1st December: A coffin is delivered. (Dracula)

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