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Movie history events from 1990

A woman changes her name to Annie Auklet. (The Big Year)

After being repaired, Chucky seeks Andy Barclay, who ha been put in a foster home. (Child's Play 2)

Mitch Robbins, Phil Berquist and Ed Furillo run with the bulls. (Pamplona, Spain) (City Slickers)

Apes revolt against humans (Conquest of the Planet of the Apes)

Nascar driver Cole Trickle has a near fatal wreck during the Daytona Fircracker 400. (Daytona, Fla) (Days of Thunder)

Hateful, loud-mouthed Mona Dearly dies. A lot of people are implicated. (Verplanck) (Drowning Mona)

First landing of humans on the moon. (Luna (Earth's Moon)) (Forbidden Planet)

Britt Reid tries to help a girl who's being bullied and his father gets mad. (Los Angeles, California) (The Green Hornet)

A new generation of Gremlins take control of some media offices. (New York) (Gremlins 2: The New Batch)

Angel Myers is born. (Haddonfield, Illinois) (Halloween)

Hannibal Lecter becomes the focus of one of the most intensive manhunts after his escape. (Hannibal)

Rubeus Hagrid gets a three-headed dog named Fluffy from an Irish man at a pub. (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone)

Lyle Spaulding is born. (The Internship)

The Four Seasons are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and perform together for the first time in over 20 years. (Jersey Boys)

Mark Kelly dies. (New York City, New York) (Kick-Ass 2)

The entire royal family is wiped out by a freak accident. (England) (King Ralph)

The Gulf War begins. (The Kingdom)

FBI Agent Joe Devine produces Steven Schat's film "Arizona" as part of a mob sting operation. (California and Rhode Island) (The Last Shot)

Mr. Duvall becomes an educator. (Evanston, Illinois) (Mean Girls)

Michael Clayton begins work as a lawyer's lawyer. (Michael Clayton)

Buck Dolby is fired from NASA for using coke. Wayne Beering's career as a veterinarian ends when he performs unnecessary surgeries to maintain a steady supply of canine barbituates. (NASA and Sherman Oaks, California) (Middle Men)

Daniel Pearl joins the Wall Street Journal. (A Mighty Heart)

Becky's mom believes that her dream of working on the news is adorable. (Morning Glory)

Rhonda Fisher, sister to future lyricist Sophie Fisher, marries Gary. (Music and Lyrics)

Future Mystery Team members Jason Rogers, Duncan Wheeler, and Charlie Day are born. (Oakdale) (Mystery Team)

Another zombie outbreak takes place. It is very similar to the 1968 outbreak, only more gory. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) (Night of the Living Dead 3D)

Kids who later attend the pre-school where gardener Freddy Krueger works are born. (Springwood, Ohio) (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Angie is born. (Clark County) (Pineapple Express)

Angel Dumott Schunard dies of AIDS. (Rent)

Matt Gadman, Curtis Powell, and Amelia Stone are born. (Cleveland, Ohio) (The Rocker)

Rocky Balboa returns from Russia and has a street fight with Tommy Gunn. (Rocky V)

Hannibal Lecter kills two police officers during his escape from custody. (Memphis, Tn) (The Silence of the Lambs)

Laura Burney fakes her death to escape her obssessive and abusive husband. (Cape Cod) (Sleeping with the Enemy)

Dave Stutler is born. (New York City) (The Sorcerer's Apprentice)

Graboid worms terrorise locals. (Perfection, Nevada) (Tremors)

James Cole appears from the future (Twelve Monkeys)

The Iraq War begins. (W.)

January: Peyton Westlake escapes a hospital after having his face burned by acid and starts making masks. (Darkman)

Monday 1st January: After winning the heavyweight title by knocking out Union Cane, Tommy "The Machine" Gunn fights Rocky outside of a bar and loses. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (Rocky V)

Tuesday 2nd January: Rocky and his son Robert go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Rocky gives him Marciano's cuff link. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (Rocky V)

Monday 8th January: Bob Taylor is born. (Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)

February: Darkman fights Robert G. Durant and Louis Strack Jr. (Darkman)

Thursday 1st February: The first McDonald's opens in the Soviet Union. (Moscow, Russia) (Super Size Me)

Thursday 8th February: Bethany Hamilton is born. (Kauai, Hawaii) (Soul Surfer)

Sunday 11th February: Nelson Mandela is released from prison. (Robben Island, South Africa) (Invictus)

Wednesday 14th February: Chris Brander sends fellow seventh-grader Jamie Palamino a dozen red roses. (New Jersey) (Just Friends)

Sunday 18th February: Westlake enters a store wearing a Robert G. Durant mask and points a gun at a clerk while looking into the security camera and saying Durant's name. (Darkman)

March: Nick O'Leary is born. (Hoboken, New Jersey) (Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist)

Monday 5th March: Andrew Kilburn born. (Seattle) (Untraceable)

April: Cecil Porter is relocated. (Los Angeles, California) (Alien Nation)

April: Madonna kicks off Blond Ambition Tour 1990 but fails to realize that the first leg of the tour was during the rainy season in Japan. (Japan) (Madonna: Truth or Dare)

April: James Cole taken into psychiatric custody, before disappearing while in heavy restraints. (Baltimore) (Twelve Monkeys)

Thursday 12th April: A clinically diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic is interviewed at Baltimore County Hospital and says, "...5 billion people will die from a deadly virus in 1997...The survivors will abandon the surface of the planet...Once again the animals will rule the world..." (Baltimore, Maryland) (Twelve Monkeys)

Sunday 15th April: Ava Gardner dies of bronchial pneumonia. (London, England) (The Aviator)

May: The night of the prom, Rene and Brodie share a motel room; Brodie asks Rene to sleep under the bed in case his mother walks in. (Mallrats)

Tuesday 1st May: A student writes advice in the book about how basic flattery is the easiest way to get into a girl's pants. (East Great Falls, Michigan) (American Pie Presents: The Book of Love)

Monday 14th May: Commencement address at Emory University. Chris McCandless graduates. (Atlanta, Georgia) (Into the Wild)

Thursday 17th May: Brian Spilner's driver's license is issued. (2 Fast 2 Furious)

Friday 25th May: Chris McCandless donates $24,000, his entire savings, to Oxfam. (Into the Wild)

Monday 28th May: The Memorial Day Massacre. A woman is raped and impregnated by the murderer. She survives. (Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia) (Tucker & Dale Vs Evil)

June: Heather Jones and Rene Mosier graduate from North High School, while T.S. Quint, Brodie Bruce, Brandi Svenning, and Gwen Turner graduate from Henry Hudson High School. (Chasing Amy)

June: Chris McCandless’ car is caught in a flash flood. He abandons the car and adopts the name Alexander Supertramp. (Lake Mead, Arizona) (Into the Wild)

Friday 22nd June: Gary "The King" King, Andrew "Andy" Knightley, Steven "Steve" Price, Oliver "Ollie/O-Man" Chamberlain, and Peter "Pete" Page have their last day of school and then drink at eleven pubs. They do not reach The World's End. (Newton Haven, UK) (The World's End)

Saturday 23rd June: Clarice Starling speaks to Hannibal Lecter for help. (Baltimore, MD) (The Silence of the Lambs)

Monday 25th June: Clarice Starling gets more help from Hannibal Lecter. (Baltimore, MD) (The Silence of the Lambs)

Wednesday 27th June: A cassette tape labeled "Chilton" is recorded. (Baltimore, MD) (Hannibal)

July: Paige is born. (Providence, Rhode Island) (Hall Pass)

July: Donny Berger appears in the news. (That's My Boy)

Saturday 14th July: The Memorial Day Murderer is found. (Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia) (Tucker & Dale Vs Evil)

Sunday 15th July: West Virginia Journal headline: MEMORIAL DAY MURDERER FOUND (West Virginia) (Tucker & Dale Vs Evil)

Friday 20th July: Harleen Quinzel, who will later be known as Harley Quinn, is born. (Gotham, New Jersey) (Suicide Squad)

August: Chris “Alex” McCandless meets Jan and Rainey, two tramps in a Winnebago. (Pacific Crest Trail, Northern California) (Into the Wild)

Wednesday 1st August: Chris McCandless arranged for the post office to hold his letters until this date to buy him time. (Into the Wild)

Wednesday 22nd August: Kate Fitzgerald born. (My Sister's Keeper)

September: Nicole Young dies. (New York City, New York) (Kick-Ass 2)

Monday 10th September: Chris “Alex” McCandless takes a job under as a contract harvester under Wayne Westerberg. (Carthage, South Dakota) (Into the Wild)

Saturday 15th September: Martin Asher kills someone. (Taking Lives)

October: Chucky tracks down Andy Barclay, who has been put in a foster home, and is defeated again. (Illinois) (Child's Play 2)

October: A license plate expires. (Virginia) (Die Hard 2)

October: After struggling with complacency, turmoil in the front office & the return of Rachel Phelps as owner, the Cleveland Indians repeat as A.L. East Champs defeat the White Sox in the A.L.C.S. for a World Series berth. (Cleveland, Oh) (Major League II)

Monday 1st October: Peter Weyland is born in Mumbai, India to an Oxford-educated Professor of Comparative Mythology and a self-taught engineer. (Mumbai, India) (Prometheus)

Saturday 6th October: Damian Ramsey goes missing. (West Virginia) (Wrong Turn)

Wednesday 31st October: Michael Myers kills a bully named Wesley, his own sister Judith, her boyfriend Steve, and his mother's boyfriend Ronnie. (Haddonfield, Illinois) (Halloween)

Wednesday 31st October: Angel's memorial service - Angel's friends sing the reprise of I'll Cover You. (Los Angeles) (Rent)

Wednesday 31st October: 5 very dumb men from Mars land in Big Bean, Illinois. (Big Bean, Ill.) (Spaced Invaders)

December: Class of 1991 attends Winter Wonderland. (13 Going On 30)

December: Mark Cohen finishes his film, and Roger Davis finishes his song. (Rent)

Sunday 2nd December: By this point, Chris “Alex” McCandless has kayaked his way into Mexico. (Sea of Cortez) (Into the Wild)

Monday 10th December: Dr. Armand Hammer dies of bone marrow cancer. (Chernobyl: The Final Warning)

Sunday 23rd December: The McAllister family accidentaly leave 8 year-old Kevin home alone while they leave for France. (Chicago) (Home Alone)

Monday 24th December: John McLane foils a terrorist attack at Dulles International Airport. (Washington, DC) (Die Hard 2)

Monday 24th December: Kevin McAllister stops two burglers from robbing his house by setting up loads of traps around his home. (Chicago) (Home Alone)

Monday 24th December: Mimi nearly dies. (Los Angeles) (Rent)

Tuesday 25th December: Kevin McAllister's mother returns home to her son, who has been left home alone for two days. (Chicago) (Home Alone)

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