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Tuesday 14th June: Herbert Miller, future victim of a serial killer, born.


Thursday 10th January: Sam Barrows, future cyber thief, born. (Delaware)

Tuesday 20th August: Sharon Dobbs born. (USA)


Tuesday 23rd November: FBI agent Griffin Dowd born.


Monday 5th March: Andrew Kilburn born. (Seattle)


Monday 21st November: Dr. Sven Torkensep performed an autopsy on Mr. James Reilly who committed suicide. He shot himself in the head. (Portland, Oregon)


Tuesday 27th November: A cat is born, which will later meet a sticky end on a webcam.


Thursday 10th January: Herbert Miller is last seen in public. (Portland, Oregon)

Tuesday 15th January: Herbert Miller bleeds to death, thanks to thousands of online viewers of the website. (Portland, Oregon)

Wednesday 23rd January: FBI Agent Griffin Dowd is killed in a vat of sulphuric acid, thanks to keen viewers at the website. (Portland, Oregon)

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