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Nickel's Hardware opens. (Haddonfield, Illinois)


Michael Myers is born. (Haddonfield, Illinois)


Angel Myers is born. (Haddonfield, Illinois)

Wednesday 31st October: Michael Myers kills a bully named Wesley, his own sister Judith, her boyfriend Steve, and his mother's boyfriend Ronnie. (Haddonfield, Illinois)


October: Dr. Samuel Loomis starts talking to Michael Myers by this time. (Smith's Grove, Illinois)

December: Michael Myers kills a nurse. (Smith's Grove, Illinois)


Deborah Myers commits suicide. (Haddonfield, Illinois)


Tuesday 30th October: Michael Myers escapes. (Smith's Grove, Illinois)

Wednesday 31st October: Michael Myers searches for his younger sister. (Haddonfield, Illinois)


Wednesday 30th January: Ismael Cruz would have retired around this time. (Haddonfield, Illinois)

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