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September: Chris McCandless’ abandoned car is identified by highway patrol. (Lake Mead, Arizona)


Tuesday 31st December: While Ron Franz is stationed in Okinawa, he loses his wife and son to a drunk driver in the States.


Monday 12th February: Christopher Johnson McCandless born. (El Segundo, California)


Monday 2nd June: Chris McCandless graduates from W.T. Woodson High School. (Fairfax, Virginia)

Tuesday 10th June: Chris McCandless sets out on a cross-country journey.


Monday 14th May: Commencement address at Emory University. Chris McCandless graduates. (Atlanta, Georgia)

Friday 25th May: Chris McCandless donates $24,000, his entire savings, to Oxfam.

June: Chris McCandless’ car is caught in a flash flood. He abandons the car and adopts the name Alexander Supertramp. (Lake Mead, Arizona)

August: Chris “Alex” McCandless meets Jan and Rainey, two tramps in a Winnebago. (Pacific Crest Trail, Northern California)

Wednesday 1st August: Chris McCandless arranged for the post office to hold his letters until this date to buy him time.

Monday 10th September: Chris “Alex” McCandless takes a job under as a contract harvester under Wayne Westerberg. (Carthage, South Dakota)

Sunday 2nd December: By this point, Chris “Alex” McCandless has kayaked his way into Mexico. (Sea of Cortez)


Wednesday 16th January: Chris “Alex” McCandless reenters the U.S. (United States/Mexico border)

Wednesday 18th December: Chris “Alex” McCandless reunites with Jan and Rainey, two tramps he had met over a year prior. (Slab City, California)

Thursday 19th December: Chris “Alex” McCandless meets Tracy Tatro. (Slab City, California)


Tuesday 28th April: Jim Gallien gives Chris “Alex” McCandless a ride from Fairbanks to the head of the Stampede Trail. Gallien would be the last person to see McCandless alive. (Alaska)

May: Wandering in the wilderness, Christopher Supertramp finds a bus. (Alaska)

Tuesday 9th June: Chris “Alex” McCandless kills a moose. In a few days, the meat is rotten and overcome by maggots. (Alaska)

Tuesday 18th August: Christopher Supertramp dies, in a deserted bus in the middle of nowhere. (Alaska)

Sunday 6th September: Christopher McCandless’ body is found by moose hunters. (Alaska)

Saturday 19th September: Christopher Supertramp's ashes are carried in a rucksack by his sister from Alaska to his family home on the east coast. (Alaska)


Saturday 17th May: As of sometime in 1991, this is the next opening available to obtain a permit to paddle down the Colorado River.

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