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Since the research into what can be done with marijuana is going nowhere, The United States government declares it illegal.


Wednesday 14th April: Dale Denton is born. (Clark County)


Red sees someone wearing British Knights. (Clark County)


Angie is born. (Clark County)


Angie loses her virginity. (Clark County)


December: Red's cat dies. (Clark County)

December: Dale starts dating Angie. (Clark County)


January: Dale Denton starts buying drugs from Saul Silver. (Clark County)

Friday 7th March: Dale visits Angie at her high school. (Clark County)

Saturday 8th March: Dale witnesses a murder caused by Ted Jones and Officer Carol Brazier. He and his drug dealer Saul Silver run away. (Clark County)

Sunday 9th March: Dale and Saul fight Red on his dead cat's birthday. (Clark County)

Monday 10th March: Dale and Saul get in a car chase. Later, Dale, Saul, and Red fight drug lords at a pot grow house. (Clark County)

Tuesday 11th March: Dale, Saul, and Red eat breakfast at a restaurant. Saul's grandma drives them to the hospital. (Clark County)

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