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October: James Cole is mistakenly sent to the trenches of France during World War I by scientists from the future. Dr. Kathryn Railly has a photograph of James Cole reaching out to fellow time traveller Jose. Dr. Railly presents this evidence in her book, "Madness and Apocalyptic Vision" in a lecture in Baltimore in November 1996.


Dr. Kathryn Railly starts working at Baltimore County Hospital. (Baltimore, Maryland)


James Cole appears from the future

April: James Cole taken into psychiatric custody, before disappearing while in heavy restraints. (Baltimore)

Thursday 12th April: A clinically diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic is interviewed at Baltimore County Hospital and says, "...5 billion people will die from a deadly virus in 1997...The survivors will abandon the surface of the planet...Once again the animals will rule the world..." (Baltimore, Maryland)


5 billion people wiped out by disease; James Cole arrives from 2035 to gather information about the virus.

November: James Cole kidnaps Dr Kathryn Reilly. (Baltimore)

Tuesday 19th November: James Cole kidnaps Dr. Kathryn Railly.

Wednesday 20th November: James Cole goes to a party where he tries to get information about the virus from Jeffrey Goines. (Baltimore, Maryland)

December: Jeffrey Goines and the Army of the Twelve Monkeys free animals from the zoo.

Thursday 12th December: James Cole witnesses his future self shot in an airport, and Dr Peters releases a virus that kills 5 billion people. (Philadelphia, PA)


James Cole sent back to 1996 to find information about the disease that wiped out 5 billion people.

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