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Movie events on the 15th September


Agatha Christie is born. (Torquay, Devon, England.) (Agatha)


Christine Collins is incarcerated in a mental asylum for refusing to accept a returned child as her son. Gordon Northcott's brother confesses that he helped Gordon kill 20 children. (LA) (Changeling)


Elliot Ness' first day on the job is a flop. His first bust yeilds bumberchutes instead of booze, but he receives a free lesson in law enforcement from Malone. (Chicago, Ill) (The Untouchables)


Zero Day. Squadrons of British Spitfires successfully beat back the invading German Luftwaffe in the final Battle of Britain. (South Coast of England) (The First of the Few)


Terukichi Ichioka, head of the Ichioka family, learns of the Matsumura-Makihara alliance and returns to Hiroshima to stir up trouble and regain the initiative. He is gunned down by Matsumura henchmen after a brief chase and gun battle. (Hiroshima, Japan) (The Yakuza Papers 5: Final Episode)


John "Jack" McClane is born. (A Good Day to Die Hard)


Something ends at the Santa Carla Country Club. (Santa Carla, California) (The Lost Boys)


Martin Asher kills someone. (Taking Lives)


The Case of the Silver Screen Sneak. The Mystery Team rat out Ricky Appleman, who sneaks into a movie. He is banned from the movie theater. (Oakdale) (Mystery Team)


A date on U.S. Market Averages graph. (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)


An accounting firm blows up. (New York City) (The Other Guys)


Clifford H. McBride is born (Ad Astra)

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