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Movie history events from 1989

Matt dances to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and then doesn't dance to it again for 15 years. (13 Going On 30)

Trish's daughter Marla is born. (Los Angeles, CA) (The 40 Year Old Virgin)

Studio 54 owner Steve Rubell dies aged 45. (54)

Four friends move into a haunted house. (Amityville, New York) (The Amityville Curse)

Bill and Ted get an 'A' on their history report. (San Demas, California) (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure)

Evan Treborn experiences blackouts. (The Butterfly Effect)

Physiological Characteristics of the Alien Species is filmed. (Johannesburg, South Africa) (District 9)

Nancy Goldruff, a former kindergarten teacher, creates Mooby, The Golden Calf for local network K-REL. (Dogma)

Michael Myers wakes from another coma and tries to kill Jamie Lloyed but fails. (Haddonfeild, Illinois) (Halloween 5)

Veronica Sawyer and James Dean (J.D) murder Heather Chandler, Ram Sweeney and Kurt Kelly; J.D commits sucicide. (Westerberg High) (Heathers)

A rag-tag group of bullied middle school kids call themselves 'The Losers Club' and set out to hunt Pennywise the clown, who has been murdering children for a short periods of time every twenty-seven years throughout history. (Derry, Maine) (It)

Anthony Swafford recieves training in boot camp. (Maryland) (Jarhead)

Jamie Wilkinson is born. (New York City, New York) (Kick-Ass 2)

Michael Lambert dies. (New York City, New York) (Kick-Ass 2)

The bus may have stopped running from Dingle to Dublin in this year. (Ireland) (Leap Year)

Emma Friehl dies. (A Lot Like Love)

Jerome "Thump" Washington doesn't leave his house for the next 22 years. (Lottery Ticket)

There is a lack of evidence to prosecute Machete Cortez for DVD piracy. (Mexico) (Machete Kills)

Clark Kent experiences X-ray vision at school. Jonathan and Martha reveal that he is from another world. (Smallville, Kansas) (Man of Steel)

John C. McCloy manages a hostile takeover of Biocyte Pharmaceuticals. (Mission: Impossible 2)

Aileen Wuornos meets Selby. (Monster)

Jane Spencer moves from LA to Washington, D.C. (The Naked Gun 2: The Smell of Fear)

The events of A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child take place. (A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child)

Janie Briggs' mother dies. (Not Another Teen Movie)

Puppets kill people then kills its master. (bordega bay, calefornia) (Puppet Master)

Dance teacher Mr Jonathon gets Best Attitude at some dance awards. (Razzle Dazzle: A Journey Into Dance)

Jason Stahl is born. (RoboCop)

Issues of a magazine are released on the 21st of each month. (Rock Star)

Kim Powell has to leave her band because she's pregnant. (Cleveland, Ohio) (The Rocker)

Gardner v. Blackwell Arms. Town tries sueing the gun company and loses. Rankin Fitch works the case. (Gardner, Indiana) (Runaway Jury)

Lonnie Shaver starts living in New Orleans. (New Orleans, Louisianna) (Runaway Jury)

Daniel Matthews, son of Eric Matthews, is born. (Saw II)

A photo is taken of one of Buffalo Bill's victims. (The Silence of the Lambs)

Samantha Leslie Jackson is born. (Ted 2)

The Donny Berger Story airs on TV in summer and becomes a hit. Donny turns 18 and gets custody of Han Solo Berger. (That's My Boy)

Andrew "Andy" Davis and Hannah Phillips are born. (Toy Story)

West Caanan High School wins a district championship. (West Caanan, Texas) (Varsity Blues)

Billy Bob's Pee-wee football coach yells at him. (West Caanan, Texas) (Varsity Blues)

Giles Redferne and the Warlock arrive from the year 1691. Kassandra helps Giles stop the Warlock. (Los Angeles, California) (Warlock)

Pete Page sells a car to Gary King, who calls it "The Beast." (Newton Haven, UK) (The World's End)

In partnership with Trask Industries, the FBI unveils a method of using DNA evidence at crime scenes to identify criminals. Off the record, Trask Industries also begins building a private Mutant Registry from this database of DNA, with plans to sell the information to wealthy world governments. (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

January: The door locks of the Jacobi house are changed. (Birmingham, AL) (Red Dragon)

Monday 2nd January: Martin Asher kills Jason John and takes his identity. (Taking Lives)

Wednesday 4th January: Donny Berger is given a $100,000 check for the TV movie The Donny Berger Story. (That's My Boy)

Saturday 7th January: Emperor Hirohito dies. (Solntse)

Sunday 8th January: Mary Mattock is evaluated after being raped by an orderly. She later escapes and is shot to death by the police. (Kings Park Psychiatric Center, Kings Park, NY) (Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet)

Saturday 14th January: A news article announces the TV movie The Donny Berger Story. (That's My Boy)

Tuesday 24th January: Ted Bundy is executed. (The Number 23)

Tuesday 24th January: Ted Bundy is put to death by electric chair for the murders of over 36 women. (Florida State Prison) (Ted Bundy)

February: Warren Hubley is relocated. (Los Angeles, California) (Alien Nation)

February: Joshua Strader is relocated to Manager Encounters Club. (Los Angeles, California) (Alien Nation)

Tuesday 14th February: Brian Spilner drives carelessly. (2 Fast 2 Furious)

Tuesday 14th February: Chris Brander sends fellow sixth-grader Jamie Palamino a dozen red roses. (New Jersey) (Just Friends)

Thursday 23rd February: The body of homecoming queen Laura Palmer is discovered. (Twin Peaks) (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me)

Saturday 25th February: Francis Dolarhyde kills the Jacobis family. (Birmingham) (Red Dragon)

March: Cleveland Indians owner, Rachel Phelps devises a plan to bring in a bunch of has-been & never-will-be players to lose so she can move the team to Miami. (Cleveland, Oh) (Major League)

Sunday 19th March: Jeff Kohlver has a photo session with model Janelle. (Hard Candy)

Sunday 19th March: Carol A. Ramsey writes a $2,000.00 check to the Hospital Revitalization Fund that Frank White is promoting. (Somerville, MA ) (King of New York)

Saturday 25th March: Rick loses his virginity. (Hall Pass)

Tuesday 28th March: Francis Dolarhyde kills the Leeds family. (Atlanta, GA) (Red Dragon)

April: Special Agent Jack Crawford asks Will Graham to help investigate a murderer nicknamed "The Tooth Fairy". (Marathon, FL) (Red Dragon)

Wednesday 5th April: Brian Spilner speeds. (2 Fast 2 Furious)

Monday 10th April: The National Tattler publishes Freddy Lounds' interview with Will Graham concerning The Tooth Fairy. (Chicago, IL) (Red Dragon)

Tuesday 11th April: Francis Dolarhyde kidnaps Freddy Lounds. (Chicago, IL) (Red Dragon)

Wednesday 12th April: Francis Dolarhyde sets Freddy Lounds on fire and pushes his wheelchair towards the National Tattler building. (Chicago, IL) (Red Dragon)

Sunday 21st May: The San Dimas High School's "Love in the Spring" prom takes place featuring a host of historical figures in attendance. (San Dimas, California ) (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure)

Sunday 21st May: The San Dimas High School's "Love in the Spring" prom takes place featuring a host of historical figures in attendance. (San Dimas, California ) (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure)

June: Cecil Porter is relocated. (Coalinga, California) (Alien Nation)

July: Jordan Tate is crowned Miss July '89. (Under Siege)

August: Dr John Hammond creates an amusement park of genetically-engineered dinosaurs. (nr Costa Rica) (Jurassic Park)

Saturday 5th August: A block in Bed Stuy erupts in violence after Radio Raheem is murdered and Sal's Famous Pizzeria is burned to the ground. (Do the Right Thing)

Wednesday 23rd August: Yusuf K. Hawkins, an African-American youth; is murdered by a mob of Italian youths. (Besonhurst, Brooklyn New York) (Jungle Fever)

Wednesday 23rd August: Seven strangers hide in a farmhouse as the bodies of the recent dead reactivate and attempt eat them. (nr Evens City, PA) (Night of the Living Dead)

September: Micah is born. (Ojai, California) (Easy A)

September: The Cleveland Indians win a 1-game play-off against the New York Yankees and clinch the A.L. East title, thereby thwarting owner Rachel Phelps' plan to move the team. (Cleveland, Oh) (Major League)

October: The prologue of Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood takes place. (Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood)

October: A license plate expires. (Los Angeles, CA) (Lethal Weapon 2)

October: The Chicago White Sox defeat the Cleveland Indians for the A.L. Pennant. (Cleveland, Oh / Chicago, Ill) (Major League II)

Monday 2nd October: Claude Bellasarious and Louis Strack Jr. discuss a list of donations. (Darkman)

Sunday 15th October: Louis Strack Jr. sends a document concerning a list of donations to Claude Bellasarious from the Department of Public Works. (Darkman)

Wednesday 18th October: Time magazine publishes Vicki Vale's photos of the war in Corto Maltese. (Gotham City, USA) (Batman)

Friday 20th October: Dr. Moreau receives a certificate. (Stockholm, Sweden) (The Island of Dr. Moreau)

Friday 20th October: Adam Tallis allegedly raped someone. (Killing Me Softly)

Monday 30th October: Michael Myers awakens from a coma and kills a hermit. (Illinois) (Halloween 5)

Tuesday 31st October: Michael Myers fails to kill Jamie Lloyd. (Haddonfield, Illinois) (Halloween 5)

Wednesday 1st November: Tommy Doyle keeps a newspaper clipping containing detailing Michael Myers' killing spree the previous night. (Haddonfield, Illinois) (Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers)

Thursday 9th November: The Berlin Wall comes down. (Germany) (The Lives of Others)

Friday 24th November: Harvey Dent is elected DA of Gotham City and vows to "shed the light of the law on that nest of vipers". (Gotham City, USA) (Batman)

December: Maureen Johnson protests at losing her performance space. (New York) (Rent)

Friday 8th December: Toulon's puppets kill people. (Bodega Bay, California) (Puppet Master)

Sunday 24th December: Mark begins his film. (Los Angeles) (Rent)

Monday 25th December: Maureen Johnson protests at losing her performance space. (East Village, New York City, New York) (Rent)

Monday 25th December: Tommy Gunn tells Rocky that he doesn't want to work with him anymore. Rocky reconciles with his son. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (Rocky V)

Sunday 31st December: The Titanic arrives, finally. (New York) (Ghostbusters 2)

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