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The East German Government stops counting suicides.


Friday 28th September: Dieter Pirmasens flees from East Germany to West Germany.

November: Georg Dreyman's new play premieres. (East Germany)


Saturday 5th January: Blacklisted writer Albert Jerska commits suicide. (East Germany)

Sunday 10th March: Christa-Maria Sieland is arrested and interrogated by the Stasi. (East Germany)

Monday 11th March: Mission Lazlo ends, as new informant Christa-Maria Sieland runs in front a car and the Stasi cannot find an incriminating typewriter at the house of Georg Dreyman. (East Germany)


Thursday 9th November: The Berlin Wall comes down. (Germany)


Hauptmann Gerd Wiesler buys a copy of Georg Dreyman's book Sonata for a Good Man, dedicated to him.

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