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The earliest date estimated to be when "The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed With the Sun" was painted.


The latest year estimated to be when "The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun" was painted.


The Chesapeake Ripper terrorises locals. (Baltimore)


Thursday 8th July: Hannibal Lecter savages a nurse during a medical examination.


Special Agent Will Graham arrests Hannibal Lector for killing people to eat their body parts. (Baltimore, MD)

Tuesday 1st January: At Molly's parents' house, Molly's dad shows Molly and Will's son Josh how to carve a chicken.


A year on a stamp on an FBI report studied by Will Graham.


Sodium amytal does not make Hannibal Lecter reveal wear he buried a Princeton student. Instead, he gives a recipe for dip. (Baltimore, MD)


December: Will Graham receives a Christmas card from Hannibal Lecter. (Marathon, FL)


January: The door locks of the Jacobi house are changed. (Birmingham, AL)

Saturday 25th February: Francis Dolarhyde kills the Jacobis family. (Birmingham)

Tuesday 28th March: Francis Dolarhyde kills the Leeds family. (Atlanta, GA)

April: Special Agent Jack Crawford asks Will Graham to help investigate a murderer nicknamed "The Tooth Fairy". (Marathon, FL)

Monday 10th April: The National Tattler publishes Freddy Lounds' interview with Will Graham concerning The Tooth Fairy. (Chicago, IL)

Tuesday 11th April: Francis Dolarhyde kidnaps Freddy Lounds. (Chicago, IL)

Wednesday 12th April: Francis Dolarhyde sets Freddy Lounds on fire and pushes his wheelchair towards the National Tattler building. (Chicago, IL)

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