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Movie events on the 15th October


Mata Hari is executed for spying. (Vincennes, France) (Mata Hari)


Cecilia Tallis dies in a flooded Balham tube station. (South London) (Atonement)

The Great Dictator opens in theaters. (Chaplin)


Cole Porter dies. (De-lovely)


Will Graham shoots and kills Francis Dollarhyde at Reba's house. (Chester, Missouri) (Manhunter)

Francis Dollarhyde tries to kill Reba McClane at his house but is shot and killed by Will Graham. (Chester, Missouri) (Manhunter)


An article titled "Police Hold Press Conference On Conyers" is published. (Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)


Louis Strack Jr. sends a document concerning a list of donations to Claude Bellasarious from the Department of Public Works. (Darkman)


American League Division Series Elimination Game: New York Yankees $114,457,768 vs $39,722,689 Oakland Athletes. Yankees lose. (Seattle, Washington) (Moneyball)


Andy and Trish's twelfth date. (Los Angeles, CA) (The 40 Year Old Virgin)


A man named Troy wakes up in a classroom with chains pierced to his body. Before he can get the last chain off, a bomb in the room explodes. (Saw III)

Detective Kerry and Rigg's SWAT team discovers Troy's body. They believe someone else besides Jigsaw set the trap up since it was inescapable. Forensic Hoffman pockets evidence from the crimescene. (Saw III)

Art Blank rents a room at the Alexander Motel as Jigsaw instructed. (Saw IV)


81 people die in a plane crash, that John Koestler just about saw coming thanks to some numbers on a piece of paper. (Knowing)


John Carlyle is born. (Elysium)

Daily Sentinel headline: "GREEN HORNET TAKING OVER LA'S UNDERWORLD!" (Los Angeles, California) (The Green Hornet)


Lizard attacks Midtown Science High School. Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy stop him from turning citizens into reptilians and instead release and antidote in the air that cures infected citizens and Dr. Connors. Captain George Stacy, fatally wounded by Lizard, asks Peter to promise him that he will stay away from his daughter. (New York City) (The Amazing Spider-Man)

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