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Eileen and Frank get married. (Tipperary, Ireland)


Either the bus or the train stops running from Dingle to Dublin. (Ireland)


The bus may have stopped running from Dingle to Dublin in this year. (Ireland)


Anna Brady starts dating Jeremy Sloane.


Friday 26th February: Anna Brady tries to fly to Dublin, but a storm diverts the flight to Cardiff, Wales. She enlists the help of innkeeper Declan O'Callaghan in Dingle, Ireland and stays at the inn for the night.

Saturday 27th February: Declan's car crashes into a lake. He and Anna go to a bed and breakfast where they pretend to be a married couple. (Ireland)

Sunday 28th February: Anna and Declan go to a wedding. (Tipperary, Ireland)

Monday 29th February: Jeremy proposes to Anna. (Dublin, Ireland)

March: Anna returns to the inn, where Declan proposes to her. She accepts. (Dingle, Ireland)

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