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Movie history events from 1987

Greg Jenko and Morton Schmidt are born. (21 Jump Street)

Greg Jenko and Morton Schmidt are born. (21 Jump Street)

Richard, son of Susan and Sam Francisco, is born. (Alien Nation)

Jake Parker is born. (Michigan) (American Pie: Beta House)

Jake Parker is born. (American Pie: Beta House)

A Zagat Survey of New York City restaurants that will later be read by Patrick Bateman is made. (American Psycho)

Cheif Bogamil's near-fatal shooting brings Det. Axel Foley back to the Hills to investgate; in so doing, he brings down an illegal arms dealer. (Beverly Hills, Ca.) (Beverly Hills Cop II)

Danny Archer first meets (future Colonel) Coetzee. (South Africa) (Blood Diamond)

Buster is born. (Joliet, Illinois) (Blues Brothers 2000)

Sid has a condom that he still has 27 years later. (The Bounty Hunter)

Marie Helena Kreutz's welder father dies. (The Bourne Identity)

Doctor Albert Hirsch meets Alan Hillcott. (The Bourne Legacy)

America launches the last of American deep space probes. (Cape Canaveral) (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century)

Marty Huggins' big brother pranks him by tells him that he has to masturbate with his feet. (The Campaign)

Jay Moriarty almost drowns and starts learning how to surf. (Santa Cruz, California) (Chasing Mavericks)

DR Eileen Saunders puts her son and his girlfriend into suspended animation so thet will survive the Nuclear War (Death Run)

Tuvia Bielski dies. (Manhattan) (Defiance)

Comedian Eddie Murphy entertains a sold-out crowd at the Felt Forum. (New York, NY) (Eddie Murphy Raw)

Jerry Lundegaard asks Carl Showalter and Gaear Grimsrud to kidnap his wife - and they murder 3 people. (Fargo)

MI6 agents James Bond (Arkhangelsk, Russia) (Goldeneye)

Matt goes to Bourbon Street and sees his girl holding hands with someone who looks like a chubby man. (New Orleans, Louisiana) (Gravity)

John Gotti calls in Mangela for a deal and kills him. (The Green Hornet)

Neil Patrick Harris performs an appendectomy. (Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay)

Brenda MacLeod is killed in a car accident. (Highlander III: The Sorcerer)

James Embree dies. (New York City, New York) (Kick-Ass 2)

Either the bus or the train stops running from Dingle to Dublin. (Ireland) (Leap Year)

Sam, Michael & their mother move to live with their grandfather, only to find this quaint, seaside town is overrun with vampires. (Santa Carla, Ca.) (The Lost Boys)

The back building of the high school burns down. (USA) (Mean Girls)

Cady Heron is born. (Mean Girls)

Cleve Jones creates the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt. (San Francisco, California) (Milk)

The events of A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors take place. (A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors)

Red sees someone wearing British Knights. (Clark County) (Pineapple Express)

Precious gives birth to her second child, again fathered by her own father. (Harlem, New York) (Precious)

Predator. (Predator)

Chris Gardner sets up his own stockbroker firm and becomes very wealthy. (The Pursuit of Happyness)

Romy White and Michelle Weinberger graduated high school. (Arizona) (Romy and Michele's High School Reunion)

The man will later be an annoying drunk who calls C.D. Bales "big-nose", is crowned Denver Darts Champion. (Denver, Colorado) (Roxanne)

Soo Yung Han is born. (Hong Kong, China) (Rush Hour)

Sidney Poitier starts making films again. (Six Degrees of Separation)

Sphere found after 344 years in Pacific Ocean. (Pacific Ocean) (Sphere)

Garfield H.S. had 87 students pass the A.P. Calculus Exam. (East Los Angeles, CA) (Stand and Deliver)

Derek and makes everyone at school sing "Brennan Has A Mangina". (Sacramento, CA) (Step Brothers)

Superman battles Nuclearman. (Metropolis) (Superman IV: The Quest for Peace)

John and Ted shoot a squirrel with a BB gun. (Boston, Massachusetts) (Ted)

Kim is born. (New York City) (Trainwreck)

Harry meets Sally again, in a bookshop. (When Harry Met Sally)

A future fitness instructor whom Steven Price will date is born. (UK) (The World's End)

Gary and Steve play cricket. Gary accidentally pushes Steve onto a broken bottle that nearly goes up his ass. (UK) (The World's End)

Mountain Men are spotted. (West Virginia) (Wrong Turn)

Thursday 1st January: USS Montana discovers intellegent life underwater. (Cayman Trough) (The Abyss)

Thursday 8th January: Mary Mattock is evaluated. (Kings Park Psychiatric Center, Kings Park, NY) (Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet)

Thursday 8th January: Mary Mattock is evaluated. (Kings Park Psychiatric Center, Kings Park, NY) (Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet)

February: Playboy releases its March issue, containing a nude pictorial of the Playmate of the Month, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Hemingway High School senior, Chris Parker. (Chicago, Ill) (Adventures in Babysitting)

Wednesday 4th February: Liberace dies. (Palm Springs, California) (Rock 'n' Roll Frankenstein)

Wednesday 11th March: Paul Jeremiah Davis Jr. is born. (I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer)

Saturday 14th March: While taking Katie Van Waldenberg to a skating lesson, her parents are killed in a car accident. Katie's siblings Stanz and Fairchild will hold it over her for a long time. (Blades of Glory)

Thursday 19th March: D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince release their debut album, Rock the House. (Jersey Girl)

Thursday 7th May: Donny Berger is in the news. (That's My Boy)

Thursday 14th May: Rita Hayworth dies of Alzheimer's disease. (New York) (Hollywoodland)

Tuesday 26th May: Jenna Rink's 13th birthday, where her wish to be 30 years old is granted. (13 Going On 30)

Wednesday 27th May: A burnt body is found possibly that of Aran Short. (Huron Ann Arbor, Michigan) (Taking Lives)

Thursday 28th May: Michigan Herald headline: "Body found in Huron Ann Arbor yesterday." (Michigan) (Taking Lives)

June: Oberlin College graduate James Brennan's parents tell him they won't be able to help finance his trip to Europe or enrollment at Columbian University. He gets a summer job at Adventureland. (Adventureland)

Tuesday 2nd June: Bobby Taylor audtions for "Jive Time Jimmy's Revenge". (Los Angeles, California) (Hollywood Shuffle)

Friday 19th June: The Earth passes through the tail of Rhea-M, a rogue comet, and remains there for 8 days, causing machines to come alive and kill humans. (Maximum Overdrive)

July: The events of Friday the 13th: A New Beginning take place. (Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning)

August: Josh Baskin makes a wish to be big at a carnival, a mechanical wizard grants it, and he becomes an adult the next day. (Big)

Monday 17th August: Rudolf Hess is found strangled to death in Spandau Prison. (Berlin, Germany) (Wild Geese II)

Wednesday 19th August: A boy named Barry goes missing. (Conyer, Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)

Monday 31st August: An article titled "Conyers Boy Disappears" details the disappearance of Barry Milland. (Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)

September: Alyssa Jones gains the nickname 'Finger Cuffs' after a menage a trois with Cohee Ludin and Rick Derris. (Chasing Amy)

September: Jacob is born. (Hot Tub Time Machine)

September: Todd Howard turns into a wolf. (Hamilton University, Colorado) (Teen Wolf Too)

Wednesday 2nd September: An article titled "No Leads in Milland Disappearance Case" is published. (Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)

Wednesday 9th September: Martin Harris' father dies. (Unknown)

Wednesday 16th September: A date on Todd's registration fee reciept. (Teen Wolf Too)

Wednesday 23rd September: Bert Miller is hired by FedEx. (Cast Away)

Friday 25th September: A film adaptation of The Princess Bride is released. (United States) (I Love You, Beth Cooper)

Sunday 4th October: James Pratt buys guns off the street. (Indianapolis, Indiana) (Runaway Jury)

Monday 5th October: James Pratt goes to a high school and shoots Margaret Brandt. (Gardner, Indiana) (Runaway Jury)

Tuesday 6th October: A newspaper contains an artical about the high school shooting. (Gardner, Indiana) (Runaway Jury)

Thursday 15th October: An article titled "Police Hold Press Conference On Conyers" is published. (Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)

November: Marjane falls in love with Markus. (Vienna, Austria) (Persepolis)

December: Laurie Strode does or doesn't die in a car crash around this time. (Haddonfield, Illinois) (Halloween 4)

December: Riggs and Murtaugh are paired together for the first time, as they uncover a drug-smuggling operation. (Lethal Weapon)

Tuesday 8th December: Martin Asher kills someone. (Taking Lives)

Sunday 20th December: Patrick Bateman believes that he killed Paul Allen on this day. (Manhattan, New York) (American Psycho)

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