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Movie events on the 2nd September


Giles Redferne is born. (Boston, Massachusetts) (Warlock)


8am (Back to the Future Part III)


It snows on the day that Annie is born to Henrietta and Professor Knowby. (Tennessee) (Evil Dead II)


Sam Shukusky steals a miniature canoe, some fishing tackle, ten pounds of sundries, two bedrolls, & an air rifle, and runs away from his Khaki Scout Troop, leaving a letter of resignation for his Scout Master Randall Ward. (Black Beacon Sound, New Penzance Island) (Moonrise Kingdom)


Chris Gardner receives a severe tax demand. (San Francisco) (The Pursuit of Happyness)


Officer Nancy Taylor is commended for her work on the case of the Common Wealth of Massachusetts vs. Kenneth Waters. (Ayer, Massachusetts) (Conviction)


An article titled "No Leads in Milland Disappearance Case" is published. (Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)


Weyland Industries earns patent number 16,572,092 for Method and Apparatus for the first fully-automated diagnosis and surgical station. (Prometheus)

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