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Movie events on the 23rd September


Hans Akkermans performs an operation on young Max Stein as an emergency before he and his family escape for Belgium. (Holland) (Black Book)


Walter E. Kurtz's transfer application is denied. (Apocalypse Now)


Etheline Tenenbaum writes a check for $187.00 made out to "Cash" for her son Chas. (The Royal Tenenbaums)


Bert Miller is hired by FedEx. (Cast Away)


Terry tells Allen that they should do good cop-bad cop but Allen mishears him and does bad cop-bad cop. (New York City) (The Other Guys)


Amy writes about her and Nick moving to Missouri since Nick's mother has breast cancer. (Missouri) (Gone Girl)


Nick argues with Amy, who does not regret what she did for him. They decide to stay together for the sake of the child she impregnated herself with using Nick's semen. (Missouri) (Gone Girl)

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