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Movie history events from 1983

Oceania's coal output reaches 630 million tons. (1984)

Tommy Shaw pulls Sonny onstage at a Styx concert and lets him do the voice of Mr. Roboto... or not. (Manhattan) (Big Daddy)

Jack Twist dies. (Brokeback Mountain)

Cateleya Restrepo is born. (Bogota, Colombia) (Colombiana)

A space virus kills every dog and cat on Earth. (Conquest of the Planet of the Apes)

Retired US Air Force Major Mitchell Gant slips into the Soviet Union to steal the most advanced stealth fighter built, the MiG 31, NATO codename Firefox. (Bilyarsk, Soviet Union) (Firefox)

Dylan Harper is born. (Los Angeles, California) (Friends with Benefits)

1st Annual Rally takes place. (Astoria, Oregon) (The Goonies)

10 yr Jeff Kohlver is caught with naked 5 yr old cousin, who has innocently jumped out of the bath onto him; Jeff is reprimanded by being sat on a hot stove. (Hard Candy)

Ben Stone is born. (Vancouver, British Columbia) (Knocked Up)

FBI agent Will Graham arrests Hannibal Lecktor for the killing of college girls. (Baltimore, Maryland) (Manhunter)

General Hopgood attempts to walk through a wall. (Fort Bragg, North Carolina) (The Men Who Stare at Goats)

Lyn Cassady crashes computers and starts training under Bill Django. ("Area 51" Groom Lake, Nevada) (The Men Who Stare at Goats)

Marjane starts going to a French school in Vienna, Austria. (Vienna, Austria) (Persepolis)

Shawn Doell is born. (RoboCop)

Diane Court chooses to be with her father when her parents divorce. (Seattle, Washington) (Say Anything...)

Nadine Melhoff is born. (Ocean City, Maryland) (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)

Hannibal Lecter escapes, via a spot of murder. (Memphis, Tennessee) (The Silence of the Lambs)

Garfield H.S. had 31 students pass the A.P. Calculus Exam. (East Los Angeles, CA) (Stand and Deliver)

Dennis the male cheerleader is not picked to play in the high school playoffs against the strongest team in the region. (Still Waiting...)

Superman gets split into 2 halves and 1 of them defeats the other one. (Metropolis) (Superman III)

Rock and Roll singer Nick Rivers is recuited by the French underground to stop the overthrow of the German goverment. (Germany) (Top Secret!)

Amy is born. (New York City) (Trainwreck)

Water Wizz waterpark opens in summer. (Cape Cod, Massachusetts) (The Way Way Back)

Kelly Foster is born. (Los Angeles, California) (We Bought a Zoo)

Julia Sullivan and Glenn Gulia get engaged. (Richfield, New Jersey) (The Wedding Singer)

Gerald Ford is interviewed about the investigation of the JFK assassination. (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Saturday 1st January: Christine "Christy" Boos is sacrificed. (Gatlin, Nebraska) (Children of the Corn)

Sunday 16th January: James Bond defeats Kamal Khan in a game of backgammon and receives new gadgets from Q. (Rajasthan, India) (Octopussy)

Monday 17th January: James Bond is seduced by Magda. (Rajasthan, India) (Octopussy)

Tuesday 18th January: Magda steals the real Faberge egg and Goblinda captures James Bond. (Rajasthan, India) (Octopussy)

Tuesday 18th January: Magda steals the real Faberge egg and Goblinda captures James Bond. (Rajasthan, India) (Octopussy)

Wednesday 19th January: After James Bond escapes, he goes to infiltrate a palace owned by Octopussy. (Udaipur, India) (Octopussy)

Thursday 20th January: James Bond speaks to Octopussy. (Udaipur, India) (Octopussy)

Friday 21st January: James Bond evades Khan's assassins. (Udaipur, India) (Octopussy)

Saturday 22nd January: Bond finds out about Khan's warhead. (East Germany) (Octopussy)

Sunday 23rd January: James Bond stops the warhead and spends time with Octopussy. (Octopussy)

Monday 14th February: Jason Wilson is born. (Wickliffe, Ohio) (Accepted)

Monday 21st February: Derek Frost is born in the "real world". (Cambry, Illinois) (Source Code)

Monday 28th February: Tony Montana gets busted on a R.I.C.O. violation when he tries to "wash" money with undercover police. (Miami, Florida) (Scarface)

March: World War III ends with a Vatican Treaty armistice between the eastern & western bloc countries. (Global) (A Boy and His Dog)

Monday 14th March: Ethan "Craig" Sterns is sacrificed. (Gatlin, Nebraska) (Children of the Corn)

Wednesday 23rd March: Wrongfully convicted felon Eddie Macon makes a daring prison escape and runs like hell to the Mexican border to meet his wife and son; while having a tenacious corrections officer by the name of Carl Marzack hot on his tail. (Huntsville, Texas) (Eddie Macon's Run)

Sunday 22nd May: Doc Brown commended/committed, depending on the timeline. (Back to the Future Part II)

Thursday 26th May: Jenna Rink turns 9. (13 Going On 30)

June: The Revolting Blob sits on someone's head and kills him. (United States) (Billy Madison)

June: The Reno Gazette reports that scuba diver Delmer Darion died when scooped up from a lake by a fire-fighting plane to extinguish a house-fire. (Magnolia)

July: The beginning date on a bus service bulletin. (St. Jovite, Canada) (Taking Lives)

August: An issue of Wrestling World features the Revolting Blob. (United States) (Billy Madison)

Thursday 4th August: Martin Asher meets Matt and plans to kill him later on by pushing him in front of a moving car so that he can take his identity. (St. Jovite, Canada) (Taking Lives)

Friday 5th August: Risky Business is released. (United States) (I Love You, Beth Cooper)

Saturday 6th August: A military drop out is killed in a tragic car accident. (Montreal, Canada) (Taking Lives)

Saturday 6th August: The Montreal Chronicle contains an article detailing the car accident that resulted in deaths the previous day. (Montreal, Canada) (Taking Lives)

Monday 29th August: Will is born. (Disaster Movie)

September: Agnes Lenz is born. (Black Christmas)

September: Maggie, better known as porn star Amber Waves, has a custody meeting with her ex-husband. (California) (Boogie Nights)

September: The end date on a bus service bulletin. (St. Jovite, Canada) (Taking Lives)

Wednesday 7th September: Leticia Ortiz is born. (Furious 7)

Monday 24th October: An alien was accidently left behind, and later befriended by a 10 year old human boy . (Los Angles) (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial)

Tuesday 25th October: President Ronald Reagan, citing the threat posed to American nationals on the Caribbean nation of Grenada by that nation's Marxist regime, orders the Marines to invade and secure their safety. (Heartbreak Ridge)

Saturday 26th November: Chris Hughes is born. (The Social Network)

Tuesday 29th November: H.I. McDonough meets future wife Edwina as she takes his mugshot in the Maracopa County Jail. (Tempe, Arizona) (Raising Arizona)

Tuesday 29th November: H.I. McDunnough is booked into the county lock-up and meets his future bride Edwina. (Tempe, Arizona) (Raising Arizona)

December: The Talking Heads perform three concerts to promote their latest album "Speaking In Tongues.". (Stop Making Sense)

Friday 2nd December: Billy Elliot's mum dies. (Billy Elliot)

Friday 9th December: Scarface is released. (United States) (I Love You, Beth Cooper)

Sunday 11th December: Jack Horner and Rollergirl shoot an "experiment" called "On the Lookout" where they pick up a stranger to have sex with Rollergirl. The man they pick up insults Horner and disrespects Rollergirl, resulting in the two beating him up. Meanwhile, Dirk Diggler is picked up by a stranger and tries to masturbate for money. The stranger and his friends beat up Diggler. Buck Swope is caught in the middle of a robbery. (California) (Boogie Nights)

Saturday 31st December: Louis Winthorpe and Billy Ray Valentine manage to deceive the Duke Brothers on the stock market, making them broke and becoming rich themselves. (Philadelphia, PA) (Trading Places)

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