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Maggie and her husband divorce. (California)


Monday 31st December: At Jack Horner's party, cameraman Scotty J makes a failed pass at porn-star Dirk Diggler; Little Bill kills his wife and her lover.


December: Becky Barnett and Jerome marry. (California)


September: Maggie, better known as porn star Amber Waves, has a custody meeting with her ex-husband. (California)

Sunday 11th December: Jack Horner and Rollergirl shoot an "experiment" called "On the Lookout" where they pick up a stranger to have sex with Rollergirl. The man they pick up insults Horner and disrespects Rollergirl, resulting in the two beating him up. Meanwhile, Dirk Diggler is picked up by a stranger and tries to masturbate for money. The stranger and his friends beat up Diggler. Buck Swope is caught in the middle of a robbery. (California)

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