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Sunday 23rd November: Francis Dollarhyde is born. (Chester, Missouri)


Sunday 14th April: Donald Jacobi is born. (Birmingham, Alabama)


Will Graham captures Hannibal Lecter, and nearly dies in the process.

Kevin Graham is born.


FBI agent and criminal profiler Will Graham comes out of retirement to hunt an elusive serial killer, enlisting the help of Hannibal Lecktor.


FBI agent Will Graham arrests Hannibal Lecktor for the killing of college girls. (Baltimore, Maryland)


During spring, an earthquake happens in Italy. (Italy)

Monday 14th April: Donald Jacobi's 12th birthday. (Birmingham, Alabama)

Friday 1st August: By this time, the Jacobi's change their lock. (Birmingham, Alabama)

Tuesday 19th August: Francis Dollarhyde kills the Jacobi family. (Birmingham, Alabama)

September: 140 Filipinos die in a plane crash. (Philippines)

Thursday 18th September: Francis Dollarhyde kills the Leeds family. (Atlanta, Georgia)

Friday 19th September: The Leeds family is found dead. News of this appears on TV. (Atlanta, Georgia)

Saturday 20th September: Jack Crawford asks retired Will Graham to help solve a case involving a ritual killer nicknamed "The Tooth Fairy". (Captiva, Florida)

Sunday 21st September: Will Graham examines the Leeds family's house. (Atlanta, Georgia)

Monday 22nd September: Jack Crawford writes a message to Will Graham about finding the Jacobi family's cat buried in the backyard. (Birmingham, Alabama)

Tuesday 30th September: A coded message Hannibal Lecktor wrote for the Tooth Fairy is discovered. (Chicago, Illinois)

Wednesday 8th October: A church roof falls on 34 worshipers during a hymn. (Texas)

Wednesday 8th October: Will and his wife Molly reminisce about how they met. (Captiva, Florida)

Thursday 9th October: Francis Dollarhyde kidnaps reporter Freddy Lounds and brings him to his house to show him a slideshow. (Chester, Missouri)

Friday 10th October: A burning wheelchair containing Freddy Lounds' corpse is found. (Chester, Missouri)

Saturday 11th October: Will Graham tells his son Kevin about how he caught Hannibal Lecktor.

Monday 13th October: Francis Dollarhyde brings a blind woman named Reba to his house. (Chester, Missouri)

Tuesday 14th October: Francis Dollarhyde kills a co-worker in front of Reba's house when he thinks they kissed. (Chester, Missouri)

Wednesday 15th October: Will Graham shoots and kills Francis Dollarhyde at Reba's house. (Chester, Missouri)

Wednesday 15th October: Francis Dollarhyde tries to kill Reba McClane at his house but is shot and killed by Will Graham. (Chester, Missouri)

Friday 17th October: The full moon that Francis Dollarhyde planned to kill a family on.


Wednesday 23rd November: Francis Dollarhyde's driver license expires. (Chester, Missouri)

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