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Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist are born.


Cowboys Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar meet and fall in love.

November: Ennis Del Mar marries Alma Beers. (Riverton, Wyoming)


January: Almas Beers becomes pregnant by Ennis Del Mar. (Riverton, Wyoming.)

June: Jack is refused a third summer working on Brokeback Mountain by Joe Aguirre. (Signal, Wyoming.)

September: Alma Junior Del Mar, the first child, a daughter, of Ennis and Alma Del Mar, is born. (Riverton, Wyoming.)


Jenny Del Mar, the second daughter and final child of Ennis and Alma Del Mar, is born. (Riverton, Wyoming.)


January: Bobby Twist, the first and only child, a son, of Jack and Lureen Twist (nee Newsome), is born. (Childress, Texas.)


Thursday 6th November: Ennis and Alma Del Mar divorce. (Wyoming.)


Jack Twist meets lover-to-be, Randall Malone. (Childress, Texas.)


Jack Twist dies.

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