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Sunday 4th August: Rosie gets married. (Richfield, New Jersey)


Welcome Back, Kotter is cancelled.

Linda falls in love with Robbie Hart, the lead singer of Final Warning. (Richfield, Ohio)


Friday 6th June: Urban Cowboy, a movie starring John Travolta, is released.


Julia Sullivan and Glenn Gulia get engaged. (Richfield, New Jersey)


Happy Days is cancelled.


The Wedding Singer.

Henry Winkler becomes a director.

Thursday 31st January: Billy Idol is featured on the cover of Rolling Stone.

April: Robbie Hart sings at Harold Veltri's wedding at the Richfield Banquet Hall. Harold's brother David is the best man. Julia starts working as a waitress at the Banquet Hall where her cousin Holly works at. Linda doesn't marry Robbie. (Richfield, New Jersey)

May: Glenn and Julia have their engagement party.

Saturday 20th July: Glenn Gulia cheats on Julia Sullivan. (Richfield, New Jersey)

Monday 29th July: Robbie times Sammy when he practices driving a limo for Julia and Glenn's wedding. (Richfield, New Jersey)

Tuesday 30th July: Glenn and Julia go on a double-date with Robbie and Holly. Holly finds out that Robbie likes Julia. (Richfield, New Jersey)

Wednesday 31st July: Holly finds out that Julia likes Robbie. (Richfield, New Jersey)

Friday 2nd August: Glenn has a bachelor party. (Richfield, Ohio)

Saturday 3rd August: Glenn hits Robbie. Robbie goes home drunk and sees his ex-girlfriend Linda. (Richfield, New Jersey)

Sunday 4th August: Julia goes to Robbie's house and Linda answers the door. Robbie doesn't want to be with Linda. Rosie and her husband have their 50th wedding anniversary. Holly tells Robbie that Julia and Glenn are going to Las Vegas to get married. Robbie uses Sammy's credit card to pay for a plane ticket. (Richfield, New Jersey)

Sunday 4th August: Robbie tells Billy Idol and other first-class passengers what he's doing. Robbie finds out that Julia is on the same plane and sings a song to her. Glenn is pushed into the bathroom. (On a flight from Richfield to Las Vegas)

Sunday 4th August: The airplane lands. (Las Vegas)

Monday 5th August: Julia doesn't marry Glenn as planned. (Richfield, New Jersey)

September: David Bowie comes to town. (Richfield, New Jersey)

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