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Dennis is born.


Dennis the male cheerleader is not picked to play in the high school playoffs against the strongest team in the region.


Dennis starts working at Shenaniganz.


Allison and Calvin work together.


February: Corporate gets the numbers for the Shenaniganz that Dennis manages and then doesn't get his numbers for a few weeks after.

Friday 7th March: A date marked on Dennis' calendar.

Sunday 9th March: Daylight Saving Time begins.

Tuesday 11th March: A date marked on Dennis' calendar.

Thursday 13th March: Dennis has a tax audit.

Sunday 16th March: Palm Sunday

Monday 17th March: Dennis' Shenaniganz is sold out on St. Patrick's Day.

Thursday 20th March: Dennis tries to get Shenaniganz to make $9,000 so that he can become district manager. They only make $7,200 and he remains store manager. Regional Manager Dean Shoal comforts Dennis by telling him that he can learn from District Manager Dan's incompetence. Dennis is invited to a party with Shenaniganz employees and he spends the night having sex with Naomi.

Friday 21st March: Good Friday

Friday 21st March: Naomi wakes up in Dennis' bed. They have sex again.

Monday 24th March: Easter Monday

Wednesday 26th March: A court date on Dennis' calendar.

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