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Movie history events from 1971

James Brennan gets a concussion on the teacup ride at Adventureland. (Adventureland)

Kristen Sykes is born. (Los Angeles, California) (Alien Nation)

Woodward begins working for the Washington Post. (All the President's Men)

The film McMillan and Wife is released. (Best in Show)

Brad Harris is born. (The Big Year)

Billy Brown meets Wendy Balsam in kindergarten and has a crush on her. (Buffalo, New York) (Buffalo '66)

If Kane was born in 1856, he would have been 15 in 1871, the date of Thacher's diary entry about the day he took charge of Kane. (Citizen Kane)

Play Misty For Me released in cinemas. (Dirty Harry)

Deena Jones and The Dreams have a No 1 hit record. (Dreamgirls)

J.T.Racoon is Whack Bat Most Valuable Player of the Fox-Year of '71 1/2. (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

F.F.Fox is Whack Bat Most Valuable Player of the Fox-Year '71. (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Gryffindor Quidditch team player M.G. McGonagall wins an award. (Hogwarts) (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone)

The Playboy Mansion becomes a home for sexy bunnies. (Hollywood, California) (Hop)

Dr Lanning, Designer of the 3 Laws of Robotics Programs is born. (I, Robot)

Emil Blonsky is born. (Russia) (The Incredible Hulk)

Joe Nunemaker is born. (Joe Dirt)

The break-up of The Main Street Singers, as founder Chuck Wiseman moves to San Francisco and sets up 'Three Wiseman's Sex Emporium' with brothers Howard and Dell. (A Mighty Wind)

The imprisonment sentences of Floyd Swilley and Wesley Cooke end. (Jessup County, Mississippi) (Mississippi Burning)

Tina Gray's father abandons her. (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Faith is again given the name of her soulmate, Damon Bradley, by a fortune-teller, again fixed. (Pittsburgh, PA) (Only You)

Marjane Satrapi is born. (Persepolis)

Precious is born. (Harlem, New York) (Precious)

After T.C. Williams High School Titans' perfect season, the team and the city become closer than ever. (Alexandria, Virginia) (Remember the Titans)

Jim Court's income doesn't change substantially over the next 17 years. (Seattle, Washington) (Say Anything...)

Dwight "Dewey" Riley is born. (Woodsboro, CA) (Scream)

Dr Gerald Finney stays in an old hotel and hypnotises himself back to 1571. (Venice) (Somewhere In Time)

Dan Freeman resigns his post at the CIA and begins recruiting and training gang members to a black nationalist army. (New York) (The Spook Who Sat by the Door)

Donny Berger is born. (That's My Boy)

Coach Bud Kilmer "hammers" a football player. (West Caanan, Texas) (Varsity Blues)

George W Bush is challenged by his father as to what career he should pursue. (W.)

Carvin Wiggins wants a bugzapper. (Georgia) (Wanderlust)

Trask Industries B3-VXC Archival Footage is filmed. (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Trask Industries is commissioned to design and construct a unique holding cell using industrial-grade polymers and concrete that could effectively contain Lehnsherr. (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Tuesday 2nd February: Major General Idi Amin declares himself President of Uganda and Chief of the Armed Forces. (The Last King of Scotland)

Thursday 18th February: Private healthcare is introduced to the US by President Richard Nixon. (Sicko)

Sunday 7th March: A movie starts playing at a theater. (Detroit, Michigan) (Baadasssss!)

Saturday 13th March: A movie stops playing at a theater. (Detroit, Michigan) (Baadasssss!)

Sunday 14th March: A movie starts playing at a theater. (Detroit, Michigan) (Baadasssss!)

Friday 26th March: A movie stops playing at a theater. (Detroit, Michigan) (Baadasssss!)

Saturday 27th March: Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song premeirs at a theater. (Detroit, Michigan) (Baadasssss!)

April: Raoul Duke and Dr Gonzo go on a drug-fuelled trip. (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)

Thursday 15th April: David Webb - later to become spy Jason Bourne - is born. (Missouri) (The Bourne Supremacy)

Friday 16th April: Anthony Curtis and other members of the 1st Marine Recon Battalion have to retreat from a firefight with North Vietnamese troops and wait for airstrike in order to complete there mission. (Quang Tri Province, Vietnam) (Dead Presidents)

Saturday 15th May: After graduating from college, five friends take one last road trip to Mexico before saying goodbye. (Austin, Tezas) (Fandango)

Wednesday 16th June: Amelia Donaghy born. (The Bone Collector)

Saturday 3rd July: Jim Morrison dies of heart failure, likely caused by a drug overdose. (Paris, France) (The Doors)

Saturday 3rd July: Jim Morrison dies. (Paris, France) (Rock 'n' Roll Frankenstein)

Tuesday 13th July: Benjamin Mee is born. (California) (We Bought a Zoo)

Monday 26th July: Inspector William Armstrong traces the Zodiac Killer back to the school they suspect he worked at. (Zodiac)

Monday 26th July: Inspector William Armstrong traces the Zodiac killer back to a school janitor. (Zodiac)

Monday 2nd August: The Nixon administration officially acknowledges that the CIA is maintaining a force of 30,000 'irregulars' fighting the Communist Pathet Lao in Laos. (Nixon)

Wednesday 4th August: The police visit Arthur Leigh Allen in connection with the Zodiac killings. (Zodiac)

Sunday 15th August: Richard Nixon turns his attention away from the war in Vietnam and announces a sweeping series of economic initiatives, including a ninety-day freeze on wages and rents, as well as the end of America's twenty-five-year-old policy of converting foreign money into gold. (Nixon)

Friday 3rd September: Life magazine headline: "AMERICAN OUTDOORS: THE ENDLESS WEEKEND." Bike riders are on the cover. (New York City, New York) (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)

Saturday 4th September: First day of school. (Alexandria, Virginia) (Remember the Titans)

Monday 13th September: Thomas Anderson/Neo is born. (Capital City, USA) (The Matrix)

October: Caretaker Willie Loomis believed that this was the time when he met Barnabas Collins while he was drunk. (Collinsport, Maine) (Dark Shadows)

Wednesday 6th October: Jacob Singer and 1st Air Calvary Division are attacked while on patrol (Mekong Delta, Vietnam) (Jacob's Ladder)

Friday 12th November: Richard Nixon sets February 1, 1972, as the deadline for the withdrawal of an additional 45,000 U.S. troops. (Nixon)

Wednesday 24th November: DB Cooper hijacks a plane and parachutes to his escape. Never to be seen or heard from again. (Washington State ) (The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper)

Friday 26th November: Danny Greene kills Mike Frato in "self-defense". (Cleveland, OH) (Kill The Irishman)

December: The Indo-Pakistani War. (Life of Pi)

Thursday 23rd December: Jimmy Hoffa released from prison on the condition he not participate in union activities for 10 years. (Hoffa)

Friday 24th December: Frank Cross dumps Claire Phillips to pursue his career. (Scrooged)

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