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August: Dr Gerald Finney time-travels briefly from 1971 via self-hypnosis. (Venice)


The Grand Hotel opens. (Straits of Mackinac)


11th November: Future actress Elise McKenna is born. (Salt Lake City)


Elise McKenna leaves school aged 14 to become an actress.


Elise McKenna moves to New York with her mother to further her acting career.


Future hotel porter Arthur Biehl is born.


Arthur Biehl arrives at the Grand Hotel with his parents. (Straits of Mackinac)


Thursday 27th June: At 6:00 P.M. on this date, Richard Collier traveled through time to meet Elise McKenna.

Thursday 27th June: Playwright Richard Collier arrives from 1980 via self-hypnosis to meet actress Elise McKenna.

Friday 28th June: At 9:18A.M. Richard Collier signs the hotel registry where Elise McKenna is staying. Hours later, he meets up with her on this day.

Friday 28th June: Miss Elise McKenna appears in Wisdom of the Heart by Bartlett Wells at the theatre at the Grand Hotel (Straits of Mackinac)


The Grand Hotel hosts a graduation prom. (Straits of Mackinac)


Dr Gerald Finney stays in an old hotel and hypnotises himself back to 1571. (Venice)


May: Richard Collier is given an old pocket-watch by an old woman who whispers "Come back to me".

Friday 19th May: 'Too Much Spring' by Richard Collier opens; Elise McKenna visits him and presents him with a watch, before dying that same night.

July: Theatre Monthly prints an article entitled 'Elise McKenna: The Final Years'.


Monday 5th July: A new comedy drama opens by Richard Collier.


Richard Collier hypnotises himself in an attempt to travel back in time.

Playwright Richard Collier hypnotises himself back in time to 1912.

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