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Movie events on the 27th March


Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song premeirs at a theater. (Detroit, Michigan) (Baadasssss!)


New York Post mistakenly says Wednesday and has the headline: "John Paul I Outlines Administrative Overhaul - Vatican Bank Being Restructured." International Herald Tribune mistakenly says Friday and has the headline: "New Pope Announces Investigation Into Vatican Bank Affairs." (The Godfather: Part III)


US engaged in covert war to push Russia out of Georgia. Japanese Court orders shutdown of nuclear reactors due to safety concerns over its ability to withstand powerful (Red Dawn)


Cataleya kills Gennaro Rizzo after 1:55 AM. CA. Breaking News headline: GENNARO RIZZO FOUND DEAD IN A POLICE STATION CELL (Chicago, Illinois) (Colombiana)

Article titled "Andrykowski Travel Insurance: Experience Chicago Now" is posted online. (Chicago, Illinois) (Little Fockers)


Weyland Industries launches first industrialized space mission to install solar panels that align and move in Earth (Prometheus)


The day of Adam Yates Jr.'s wedding with Jill. (Hot Tub Time Machine 2)


Taylor finishes recording his transmission in which he wonders if there is something better than human life. (Planet of the Apes)

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