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Movie history events from 1945

Jerry Mulligan stays after serving as a G.I. to become a painter. (Paris) (An American in Paris)

Olympic athlete Eric Liddell dies in occupied territory while serving as a missionary. (China) (Chariots of Fire)

Planes go missing mysteriously. (Close Encounters of the Third Kind)

Fredericka S. Freund gets her medical degree at Baylor University. (Waco, Texas) (Drag Me To Hell)

Iona Hildebrandt crowned Mount Rose American Teen Princess, before her tiara's turned into scrap to help fight Japan. (Mount Rose) (Drop Dead Gorgeous)

15 yr old Pamela Voorhees is impregnated by Elias Voorhees. (Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter)

Don Corleone shot while shopping for oranges; Connie Corleone marries Carlo Rizzi; Santino Corleone Jr born to Sonny. (The Godfather)

Alec Trevelyan's parents survive the Betrayal of the Cossacks, but later commit suicide. (Goldeneye)

Gene Kelly 1945. (United States) (I Love You, Beth Cooper)

Hitler and several high ranking members of the Third Riech die in a fire when Shosanna burns down her own cinema during the screening of a Nazi propaganda film (Paris) (Inglourious Basterds)

Lt Raine carves a swastika on Landa's forehead so that he will be marked as a Nazi for the rest of his life. (France) (Inglourious Basterds)

Benjamin Lockwood is born (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom)

Gil James is actually born in this year. (New York City, New York) (Kick-Ass 2)

'Accentuate The Positive' recorded. (LA Confidential)

Puyi captured by the Soviets while fleeing Japan, put on trial for co-operating with Japan, and spends the next few years in a Chinese re-education camp. (The Last Emperor)

Grace Stewart and her children are apparently spooked by ghosts. (An island off the British mainland) (The Others)

Nazis conduct experiments in psychic warfare. (Berlin, Germany) (Push)

Wine is made. (Red 2)

Eric Johnston becomes president of the MPAA. (This Film is Not Yet Rated)

Smalls Gas Station, somewhere off the Interstate, is established. (Vacancy)

January: Ezra Cobb digs up his mother's corpse and treats it as if it was alive. (Deranged)

Sunday 7th January: British Gen. Bernard Montgomery gives a press conference in which he all but claims complete credit for saving the Allied cause in the Battle of the Bulge. (Patton)

Friday 26th January: Audie Murphy wounded. (France) (To Hell and Back)

Tuesday 30th January: After nearly three years in captivity, 511 allied POWs are rescued from the Cabanatuan Prison Camp by a joint effort of Filipino guerillas and Army Rangers led by Capt Robert Prince under the command of Lt Col Henry Mucci. (The Philippines) (The Great Raid)

February: Rachel Stein becomes Ellis de Vries and works for the resistance as a spy in Gestapo HQ. (Holland) (Black Book)

Friday 2nd February: Dr Carl Goerdeler executed for his part in the assassination attempt on Hitler. (Germany) (Valkyrie)

Tuesday 6th February: Bob Marley is born. (Nine Mile, Saint Ann, Jamaica) (We Bought a Zoo)

Monday 19th February: Operation Detachment, the U.S. Marines' invasion of Iwo Jima, is launched. (Flags of Our Fathers)

Monday 19th February: Dick Lewiston lands in Iwo Jima. (Iwo Jima, Japan) (The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard)

Friday 23rd February: U.S. Marines raise the American flag atop Mt. Suribachi, the highest point on the island and a key strategic point. (Iwo Jima) (Flags of Our Fathers)

Friday 23rd February: Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima. (Iwo Jima, Japan) (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Monday 12th March: General Friedrich Fromm executed for his part in the assassination attempt on Hitler. (Germany) (Valkyrie)

Thursday 29th March: Gen. George S. Patton's 3rd Army captures Frankfurt, as "Old Blood and Guts" continues his march east. (Frankfurt, Germany) (Patton)

Saturday 14th April: George S Patton promoted to General. (Patton)

Wednesday 18th April: Ernie Pyle killed by Japanese machine-gun fire. (le Shima, off the coast of Okinawa, Japan) (From Two Men and a War)

Thursday 19th April: SS Officer Ludwig Muntze is arrested for negotiating with terrorists and sent for execution. (Holland) (Black Book)

Friday 20th April: The Dutch Resistance break into Gestapo HQ for a rescue attempt, but it is a set-up and most are killed. (Holland) (Black Book)

Friday 20th April: On the morning of Hitler's 56th birthday, Russian artillery fire finally hits Berlin. (Berlin) (Downfall)

Saturday 21st April: Ellis de Vriers is arrested as a spy by SS Officer Franken - she and Franken's former boss Ludwig Muntze escape to a locally moored boat. (Holland) (Black Book)

Monday 23rd April: Adolf Hitler tells Eva Braun the best way to commit suicide, and declares privately that he believes the war is lost. (Berlin) (Downfall)

Tuesday 24th April: President Truman is briefed on the Manhattan Project. (Truman)

Monday 30th April: Adolf Hitler commits suicide. (Berlin, Germany) (The Death of Adolf Hitler)

Monday 30th April: Hitler commits suicide. (Downfall)

Saturday 5th May: The German forces in the Netherlands surrender; Eliss de Vries and Ludwig Muntze face an uncertain future as they are sought as Nazis; SS Officer Franken tries to escape to Hamburg on a boat filled with stolen Jewish loot. (Holland) (Black Book)

Monday 7th May: Tommy born to Mrs Walker on the day that Germans surrender and end World War II. (London) (Tommy)

Wednesday 9th May: Herman Goering is captured by the U.S. Seventh Army. (Bavaria) (Inside the Third Reich)

Friday 11th May: Brunnlitz liberated by Russians. (Schindler's List)

Thursday 24th May: Priscilla Presley is born. (Brooklyn, New York) (Elvis)

Sunday 27th May: Kenneth H. Dahlberg is awarded the Distinguished Service Cross . (All the President's Men)

Friday 8th June: President Truman issues order regarding release of classified scientific information. (Truman)

Friday 15th June: Judy Garland marries Vincente Minnelli. (Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows)

Tuesday 19th June: Tobias J.A. Wolff is born. (Birmingham, Alabama) (This Boy's Life)

Friday 29th June: 800 men are eaten by sharks after delivering the Hiroshima bomb. (Jaws)

Thursday 26th July: Winston Churchill is forced to resign as Prime Minister following his party's electoral defeat by the Labour Party. (Young Winston)

Monday 6th August: The first atomic bomb dropped over Japan. (Hiroshima) (Enola Gay and the Atomic Bombing of Japan)

Monday 6th August: The bombing of Hiroshima releases radiation that awakens two nearby titans, Shinomura and Godzilla, and draws them to the city to feed on it. Among the millions of casualties was Eiji Serizawa's wife. After finding his young son, Ishiro, Eiji spots Shinomura leaving the premises, which makes him believe that these legendary creatures do indeed exist (Hiroshima, Japan) (Godzilla)

Monday 6th August: The Hiroshima bomb is dropped at 8:15. (Hiroshima, Japan) (The Number 23)

Thursday 9th August: Shingen Yashida survives an atomic bomb thanks to the Wolverine. (Nagaski, Japan) (The Wolverine)

Wednesday 15th August: Emperor Hirohito broadcasts the news of Japan's surrender to the Japanese people. (MacArthur)

Thursday 16th August: Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright is freed by Russian forces from a POW camp. (Manchuria, China) (MacArthur)

Saturday 18th August: Despondent after learning of the death of his wife and three young children in the bombing of Hiroshima, camp commander Colonel Suga takes three small children from the POW camp to feast at his home. (Borneo, Southeast Asia) (Three Came Home)

Tuesday 11th September: After nearly four years of forced separation, Agnes Newton Keith and her little boy Georgie are reunited with husband/father Harry when their Japanese captors abruptly abandon their POW camp in the face of an eminent Allied invasion. (Borneo, Southeast Asia) (Three Came Home)

Thursday 13th September: Katherine is born and then dies. (Gatlin, Nebraska) (Children of the Corn)

Saturday 22nd September: Gen. George S. Patton tells reporters that he does not see the need for "this denazification thing" and compares the controversy over Nazism to a "Democratic and Republican election fight.". (Patton)

Wednesday 3rd October: Peter Appleton attends the 'Bread Instead Of Bullets Club' in order to impress a girl, and not because of any communist leanings. (The Majestic)

Thursday 11th October: George Berger born. (Hair)

Wednesday 17th October: Juan Peron addresses Argentina. (buenos aires) (Evita)

Monday 22nd October: Russell Edwin Nash born to an unwed mother. She dies in childbirth and he immediately follows. (Syracuse, New York) (Highlander)

Friday 16th November: The United States ships 88 German scientists to America to assist the nation in its production of rocket technology. (The Good Shepherd)

Wednesday 12th December: August Carson dies. (Newt, Texas) (Texas Chainsaw 3D)

Monday 24th December: George Bailey decides to live again. (Bedford Falls, New York) (It's a Wonderful Life)

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