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Future Olympic athlete Harold Abrahams born.


Friday 10th October: Harold Abrahams meets Aubrey Montague at their first day at Caius College. (Cambridge)


Eric Liddell begins running seriously. (Scottish Highlands)


Saturday 16th April: Eric Liddell is guest speaker at an athletics meeting. (East Weymss, Scotland)


Saturday 2nd June: Scotland face France in athletics at the Wanderers Club. (Edinburgh)

Saturday 7th July: Eric Liddell races against Harold Abrahams. (London)


Saturday 28th June: Aubrey Montague writes to his mother from the Carlton Hotel. (Broadstairs, Kent)

July: Harold Abrahams wins the 100m dash and Eric Liddell wins the 400m race at the Olympics. (Paris)


Olympic athlete Eric Liddell dies in occupied territory while serving as a missionary. (China)


January: The funeral of Olympic athlete Harold Abrahams. (London)

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