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11th November: George S Patton Jr is born. (San Gabriel, California)


17th November: Bernard Law Montgomery is born. (London, England)


Tuesday 15th May: Dwight D Eisenhower and George S Patton promoted to the rank of Captain.


Wednesday 30th June: Dwight D Eisenhower and George S Patton demoted to Captain because of peacetime.


Friday 12th March: George S Patton promoted to Lieutenant General.

Saturday 10th July: The Allies begin their invasion of Axis-controlled Europe with landings on the island of Sicily, off mainland Italy.

Tuesday 17th August: Patton and his 7th Army arrive in Messina several hours before British Field Marshal Montgomery and his 8th Army. (Sicily)


Thursday 14th December: The Battle of the Bulge starts in the forests of the Ardennes. (Belgium)

Tuesday 26th December: General George S. Patton employs an audacious strategy to relieve the besieged Allied defenders during the brutal Battle of the Bulge. (Bastogne, Belgium)


Sunday 7th January: British Gen. Bernard Montgomery gives a press conference in which he all but claims complete credit for saving the Allied cause in the Battle of the Bulge.

Thursday 29th March: Gen. George S. Patton's 3rd Army captures Frankfurt, as "Old Blood and Guts" continues his march east. (Frankfurt, Germany)

Saturday 14th April: George S Patton promoted to General.

Saturday 22nd September: Gen. George S. Patton tells reporters that he does not see the need for "this denazification thing" and compares the controversy over Nazism to a "Democratic and Republican election fight.".

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