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Billy Bailey is born. (Bedford Falls, New York)


Peter Bailey starts running Building and Loan. (Bedford Falls, New York)


George Bailey is born. (Bedford Falls, New York)


Mary Hatch is born. (Bedford Falls, New York)


Harry Bailey born.


January: The sledding event had to take place sometime between December 1918 and February 1919 because by the time Mr Gower's son dies in May 1919 George Bailey had already lost the hearing in his left ear. (Bedford Falls, NY)

Saturday 3rd May: Emil Gower receives a telegram informing him that his son has died from influenza.

December: Harry Bailey drowns while sledging, or is saved by his brother George, timeline-dependent. (Bedford Falls, New York)


Peter Bailey dies from a stroke. (Bedford Falls, New York)


Tuesday 29th October: George Bailey & Mary Hatch marry; The Bailey Building & Loan manages to stay open with only $2 left. (Bedford Falls, New York)


movie "It's a Wonderful life": Mistake on this page: Harry Bailey goes to college in 1928, thus graduates in 1932. George and Mary thus are married in 1932 - the day of the bank run. (United States)


Monday 24th December: George Bailey decides to live again. (Bedford Falls, New York)

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