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The Majestic cinema opens.


Tuesday 6th June: Private Luke Trimble of the 101st Airborne jumps into Normandy during the early hours. (Normandy, France)

Friday 9th June: Luke Trimble is reported missing in action after rescuing various men in his own 101st Airborne Division. (France)


Wednesday 3rd October: Peter Appleton attends the 'Bread Instead Of Bullets Club' in order to impress a girl, and not because of any communist leanings.


A blacklisted Hollywood writer moves to a small town.


December: Peter Appleton has a car accident and loses his memory - he awakes being told he must be Luke Trimble, a lost solider from 9 years previous. (Lawson, California)


Peter Appleton returns to Lawson as himself, rather than as Luke Trimble. (Lawson, California)

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