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Movie history events from 1954

Mathematician John Nash is attacked while delivering Top Secret newspaper clippings to an abandoned mansion, and stumbles home in a schizophrenic stupor. (Cambridge, MA) (A Beautiful Mind)

Alicia institutionalises John. (A Beautiful Mind)

"Alfred Packer: The Musical" is screened, and its theater run is cancelled when it is upstaged by "Oklahoma!" (Cannibal! The Musical)

The Hudson Hornet crashes during an attempt to qualify for the Piston Cup; afterward he retires from racing. (Cars)

Messrs Peacock, Scarlet, White, Plum, Mustard & Green may have murdered My Boddy, a cook, a maid, a policeman, a chauffeur & a singing telegram. (New England) (Clue)

A group of researchers find a prehistoric "gillman" in the Amazon River. (Amazon River, South America) (Creature from the Black Lagoon)

Peyton Westlake is born. (Darkman)

Dr. Freund is a Cornell college professor. (Ithaca, New York) (Drag Me To Hell)

Bridge Diner is opened. (Boston) (The Equalizer)

Don Vito Corleone dies while playing with his granddaughter; Carlo Rizzi dies and his son Michael Francis Rizzi is born. (The Godfather)

Nuclear submarine USS Nautilus (SSN-571) attracts Godzilla to the ocean surface for the first time in millions of years; a series of nuclear weapons are detonated in a failed attempt to kill Godzilla, officially classified as nuclear tests under the name Operation Castle (Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands) (Godzilla)

Godzilla destroys Tokyo for the first tme before being destroyed by the oxygen destroyer. (Gojira)

Pondicherry cedes from France. (Pondicherry, India) (Life of Pi)

A type of MJ-12 is made. (Race to Witch Mountain)

Helen O'Reilly Tenenbaum, mother of Royal Tenenbaum, dies. (The Royal Tenenbaums)

John Kramer is born. (Saw IV)

Hank is born. (Saw VI)

The Military fights giant mutated ants. (New Mexico) (Them!)

Dewey Cox' professional debut as a singer. He is immediately signed to a record deal by nice Jewish businessmen. (Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story)

Friday 5th March: Creature from the Black Lagoon is released. (American Pie: Beta House)

Tuesday 9th March: Edward Murrow broadcasts report condemning Senator McCarthy's methods. (Good Night, and Good Luck)

Tuesday 6th April: Senator McCarthy broadcasts his reply to Edward Murrow, accusing him of Communist leanings. (Good Night, and Good Luck)

Thursday 6th May: Roger Bannister runs the first four-minute mile. (Oxford) (Four Minutes)

Saturday 8th May: Millie Dupree is born. (New Orleans, Louisianna) (Runaway Jury)

Monday 17th May: Brown v. Board of Education is decided. (Topeka, Kansas) (Man of Steel)

Saturday 29th May: Bankers, industrialists, CEOs and politicians devise a plan to manipulate technology, economics, media, population control, and religion to maintain the status quo. Their plan calls for the CIA to make microchips to put in human temples. (Bug)

Monday 7th June: Martin Harris is born. (Unknown)

Wednesday 9th June: Joseph Welch lashes out at Senator Joseph McCarthy during hearings on whether communism has infiltrated the U.S. armed forces. (Citizen Cohn)

Wednesday 9th June: Miss Scarlet, Mrs Peacock, Professor Plum, Mr Green, Colonel Mustard and Mrs White attend an evening at a New England mansion where several murders take place in various rooms with assorted weapons. (New England, USA) (Clue)

Tuesday 22nd June: Teens Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme murder Pauline's mother Honora. (Christchurch, New Zealand) (Heavenly Creatures)

Tuesday 22nd June: Juliet Hulme and Pauline (Rieper) Parker bludgeon Pauline's mother with a half-brick to death in Victoria Park, Christchurch, New Zealand. (Christchurch, New Zealand) (Heavenly Creatures)

Monday 5th July: Elvis records "That's All Right, Mama". (Walk the Line)

Friday 24th September: Daisy is run over, ending her ballet career. (Paris) (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)

Monday 18th October: Life magazine headline: "POLITICS IN BLACK AND WHITE: SID AND IMOGENE GO IT ALONE." Senator John F. Kennedy is featured on the cover. (New York City, New York) (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)

Thursday 28th October: Yamamori Family Underboss, Shihichi Yamagata, is murdered in a gangland hit by a Shinkai faction drug dealer, sparking off a prolonged and deadly power struggle within the ranks of the once-powerful yakuza family. (Hiroshima, Japan) (The Yakuza Papers)

November: Godzilla destroys Tokyo. (Tokyo) (Godzilla, King of The Monsters!)

Monday 1st November: Pondicherry enters the union of India. (Pondicherry, India) (Life of Pi)

Thursday 4th November: Lonnie Shaver is born. (United States) (Runaway Jury)

Wednesday 24th November: Linda Porter dies, leaving Cole a widower who would rarely write again. (De-lovely)

Sunday 28th November: Enrice Fermi dies. (Chicago, Illinois) (Fat Man and Little Boy)

Tuesday 30th November: Lawrence Summers is born. (New Haven, Connecticut) (The Social Network)

Thursday 2nd December: The U.S. Senate votes 65 to 22 to condemn Senator Joseph R. McCarthy for conduct unbecoming of a senator. (Washington, D.C.) (Citizen Cohn)

Saturday 11th December: Uichi Shinkai is killed by yakuza disguised as police, thus eliminating Tetsuya Sakai's last rival for control of the Yamamori Family. (Hiroshima, Japan) (The Yakuza Papers)

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