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Movie events on the 28th October


Ellen Robillard (later Ellen O'Hara) born. (Gone with the Wind)


Holmes plays tennis. (Vienna, Austria) (The Seven-Per-Cent Solution)


Dracula flees to his homeland by sea; Van Helsing & the others try to head him off at the Borgo Pass by train. (Atlantic Ocean, Eastern Europe) (Dracula)


"Local Girl's Head Found in Laundry Basket" reads the headline of the Trans-Alpine Yodel newspaper. Meanwhile, Monsieur Gustave H. and his ward Zero Moustafa pursue J.G. Jopling, resulting in a death. (The Grand Budapest Hotel)


Jem and Scout are attacked by Mr Ewell, who is stabbed and killed, presumably by Boo Radley, though the Sheriff's ruling is that Mr Ewell fell on his own knife. (Maycomb, Alabama) (To Kill A Mockingbird)


Yamamori Family Underboss, Shihichi Yamagata, is murdered in a gangland hit by a Shinkai faction drug dealer, sparking off a prolonged and deadly power struggle within the ranks of the once-powerful yakuza family. (Hiroshima, Japan) (The Yakuza Papers)


The Cuban Missile Crisis is averted. Erik Lehnsherr kills Sebastian Shaw. After unintentionally crippling Charles Xavier, he leaves Division X. He and Raven Darkholme joins the Hellfire Club. (Cuba) (X-Men: First Class)


Mark Zuckerberg launches, a Harvard University version of (Cambridge, Massachusetts) (The Social Network)


G-Force is assigned an unauthorized mission to infiltrate Leonard Saber's house. (Los Angeles, California) (G-Force)

Girl's night out. (New York City) (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)


The T-850 that killed John Connor is captured and reprogrammed, then sent back to 2004. (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines)

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