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Movie events on the 29th May


John F. Kennedy is born. (Brookline, Massachusetts) (J.F.K.: Reckless Youth)


Preston Tucker's lawsuit against his former prosecutors is thrown out of court. (Tucker: The Man and His Dream)


Fanny Brice dies of a cerebral hemorrhage. (Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California) (Funny Girl)


Bankers, industrialists, CEOs and politicians devise a plan to manipulate technology, economics, media, population control, and religion to maintain the status quo. Their plan calls for the CIA to make microchips to put in human temples. (Bug)


James Cassidy, Branch Manager of Brookline, Massachusetts Trust Company Bank, is found burned to death in his Chrysler station wagon. (Indian River, Maine) (Offspring)


Mary Pickford dies of a cerebral hemorrhage. (Santa Monica, California) (Chaplin)


Regional Bureau Report says, "Euclid Street Probe Yields Major Drug Bust". (Super)


Allison's friends accidentally kill themselves while trying to kill Tucker and Dale, whom they believe are murderers, at their vacation home. Chad reveals that his mother survived the Memorial Day Massacre, which explains why he hates hillbillies. (Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia) (Tucker & Dale Vs Evil)


After his briefing and being told he will be sent to the Moon and then onto Mars, Roy McBride boards a rocket to the Moon (Ad Astra)

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