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Thursday 9th February: Senator Joseph McCarthy claims that he has a list with the names of over 200 members of the Department of State that are "known communists." (Wheeling, West Virginia)


Tuesday 6th March: The Rosenberg trial begins. (New York)


Tuesday 21st April: Roy Cohn and David Schine return to the United States after a controversial investigation of United States Information Service (USIS) posts in Europe.

Friday 19th June: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg executed.


Wednesday 9th June: Joseph Welch lashes out at Senator Joseph McCarthy during hearings on whether communism has infiltrated the U.S. armed forces.

Thursday 2nd December: The U.S. Senate votes 65 to 22 to condemn Senator Joseph R. McCarthy for conduct unbecoming of a senator. (Washington, D.C.)

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