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Sunday 16th October: In an act of loyalty to the Yamamori Family, Shozo Hiirono guns down Yakuza boss Kiyoshi Doi in the streets of Hiroshima; abandoned by everything and everyone, his only path is to go back to prison. (Hiroshima, Japan)

Saturday 17th December: Hiroshi Wakasugi, Doi Family Captain, kills Seiichi Kanbara gangland-style for betraying his bloodbrother, Shozo Hirono; Wakasugi is killed in a gun battle with police later that night. (Japan)


Thursday 28th October: Yamamori Family Underboss, Shihichi Yamagata, is murdered in a gangland hit by a Shinkai faction drug dealer, sparking off a prolonged and deadly power struggle within the ranks of the once-powerful yakuza family. (Hiroshima, Japan)

Saturday 11th December: Uichi Shinkai is killed by yakuza disguised as police, thus eliminating Tetsuya Sakai's last rival for control of the Yamamori Family. (Hiroshima, Japan)


Sunday 19th February: Yakuza Captain, Tetsuya Sakai, is targeted and gunned down in public. (Hiroshima, Japan)

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