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Movie history events from 1940

9 awakens and tries to unite the other eight Stitchpunks against the B.R.A.I.N. (9)

The film 'The Dark Jungle' is released in cinemas, covering the Confederate expansion of America in the early 20th century. (C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America)

The Egytian Mau, a sacred cat breed, imported into the US. (USA) (Catwoman)

Joseph Fauste dies. (Children of the Living Dead)

Four children travel through a wardrobe and discover Narnia. (England) (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe)

An insurance investigator and an efficiency expert are hypnotised into a jewel heist. (The Curse of the Jade Scorpion)

Tom Hagen marries Theresa; Frank Corleone and Frank Hagen born. (The Godfather)

The Nazis pour a smelt of 600 gold bars, on one of which is engraved 7194. The entire smelt would end up on the bottom of Lake Toplitz. (Essen, Germany) (Goldfinger)

The Blitz. (England) (The Longest Day)

Amanda Krueger, as Sister Mary Helena, begins to work at Our Lady of Sorrows instutition for the mentally disturbed. (Westin Hills) (A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors)

Allie and Noah go to the cinema, to see Li (The Notebook)

The Sea Tiger ship commissioned. (Operation Petticoat)

Weekirth o'the Heather Wedding Chapel opens and becomes America's favorite. (Las Vegas, Nevada) (Paper Heart)

A Rolex 520 Perpetual Oyster with a bubble back is made. (Run, Fat Boy, Run)

Future Sergeant Pembry is born. (Tennessee) (The Silence of the Lambs)

After a series of cosmetic surgeries to alter his appearance, FBI agent Freeman Hellergoes deep undercover with the mafia. (Washington, DC) (Smokin' Aces)

Friday 23rd February: Woody Guthrie writes "This Land is Your Land." (Bound for Glory)

Friday 23rd February: Scott Hayward, future inventor and speedboat champion, is born into an oil dynasty. (Texas, USA) (Clambake)

Wednesday 20th March: Ace Lannigan foils an attempt to have him deported back to the US. (SIngapore) (Road to Singapore)

Thursday 21st March: Walter Kovacs is born. (Watchmen)

Sunday 24th March: The newspaper The Continental Drift runs the headline "Zero Corners Market." (Zubrowka) (The Grand Budapest Hotel)

Tuesday 9th April: Germans invade Copenhagen, Denmark. Oslo radio announces that the Norwegian capital had been bombarded several times from the air and that the government had ordered that it be abandoned by civilian population within two days. (Foreign Correspondent)

Thursday 11th April: The capital is abandoned by civilians by this time. (Oslo, Norway) (Foreign Correspondent)

Sunday 12th May: Dr. Petrie gives archaeologist Steve Banning funding for an expedition and lets him stay at Cairo Hotel. (Cairo, Egypt) (The Mummy's Hand)

Thursday 23rd May: Frank Sinatra records "I'll Never Smile Again". (Sinatra)

Saturday 1st June: Robbie Turner dies of septicemia when nearly evacuating Dunkirk. (Atonement)

Thursday 6th June: Noah Calhoun meets Allie Hamilton at a carnival. He asks her out on a date. (Seabrook Island, South Carolina) (The Notebook)

Thursday 6th June: 150 rolls of toilet paper requested by USS Sea Tiger. (Operation Petticoat)

Friday 14th June: Nazis invade Paris; Rick Blaine is stood up at the train station by Ilsa Lund. (Paris) (Casablanca)

Friday 14th June: At 4:55 p.m., Rick Blaine waits in a pouring rain at the Paris train station for Ilsa Lund. They plan to flee Paris as the Nazi's invade. At 5:00 p.m., Rick boards the train a bitter (but completely dry man)as the rain has miraculously stopped, but without Ilsa Lund. Ilsa has returned to her husband, Victor Lazlo, who has recently escaped from a concentration camp and returned to Paris. (paris train station) (Casablanca)

Friday 14th June: Sam Diamond trusts a dame; she says she's going out for a bottle of wine, and 2 hours later the Germans march in. (Paris) (Murder By Death)

Friday 21st June: Richard M. Nixon marries Thelma Catherine "Pat" Ryan. (Riverside, California) (Nixon)

Wednesday 10th July: The Battle of Britain begins. (Battle of Britain)

Tuesday 20th August: Leon Trotsky is fatally wounded. (Mexico City) (The Assassination of Trotsky)

Saturday 7th September: The London Blitz begins. (London, England) (The Bells Go Down)

Wednesday 11th September: Thomas Brian Reynolds is born. (Enemy of the State)

Sunday 15th September: Zero Day. Squadrons of British Spitfires successfully beat back the invading German Luftwaffe in the final Battle of Britain. (South Coast of England) (The First of the Few)

Tuesday 17th September: Signalman Andrew "Canada" Brown receives the Victoria Cross from King George VI for escaping from the German raider Essen and, armed with only a German Mauser, singlehandedly pinning it down in Resolution Inlet of the Galapagos Islands for eighteen hours until the British cruiser HMS Stratford could arrive to sink her. Admiral Richard Saville, captain of the Stratford receives a knighthood. What is unbeknownst to both Saville and Brown is that they are father and son. (Buckingham Palace, London, England) (Single-Handed)

Saturday 21st September: "Picture Post" magazine publishes an article about the Home Guard by Clive Candy and features him on the cover. (England) (The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp)

October: John Montgomery Murdoch killed in air raid. (England) (The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp)

Wednesday 9th October: John Lennon is born. (Liverpool, England) (We Bought a Zoo)

Tuesday 15th October: Cecilia Tallis dies in a flooded Balham tube station. (South London) (Atonement)

Tuesday 15th October: The Great Dictator opens in theaters. (Chaplin)

Sunday 27th October: John J. Gotti Jr is born. (Brooklyn, New York) (Gotti)

Thursday 31st October: The RAF battle with the German Luftwaffe comes to an end. (Lodon, England) (The Battle of Britain)

Tuesday 12th November: Prominent, conservative lawyer Walter Bridge is confronted over cocktails by Julia, his secretary, when he fails to recall that she began her employ with him twenty years before on this date. When she lets slip that she harbors feelings for him, he registers no discernable reaction. Julia resigns in frustration. (Kansas City, MO) (Mr. & Mrs. Bridge)

Wednesday 27th November: Bruce Lee is born. (San Francisco, California) (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story)

December: "Everytown" devastated by aerial bombardment. (Things To Come)

Wednesday 25th December: Ralphie Parker gets a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas and doesn't shoot his eye out. (Hammond, Indiana) (A Christmas Story)

Wednesday 25th December: An unidentified European power declares war on England and launches an air raid against military facilities outside of the city of Everytown. (Everytown, England) (Things To Come)

Wednesday 25th December: An unidentified European power declares war on England and launches an air raid against key military targets outside of Everytown, England. (Everytown, England) (Things To Come)

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