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August: New York Globe editor appoints Johnny Jones as foreign correspondent, under the pen name "Huntley Haverstock." (New York, New York)

Sunday 20th August: People visit RMS "Queen Mary." (New York City, New York)

Friday 25th August: Mr. Powers writes to Huntley Haverstock, saying that he should go to the Van Meer luncheon at the Carlton Hotel in London. (New York, New York)

Saturday 26th August: Mr. Powers writes to Huntley Haverstock that he should go to the peace conference in Amsterdam where Van Meer will be. (New York, New York)

Sunday 27th August: Huntley Haverstock leaves Hotel Europe when he realizes he is being followed. (London, England)

Monday 28th August: A man falls out of Westminister Cathedral tower. (London, England)

Friday 1st September: Germans bomb Warsaw. (Warsaw, Poland)

Sunday 3rd September: England declares war against Germany.


Tuesday 9th April: Germans invade Copenhagen, Denmark. Oslo radio announces that the Norwegian capital had been bombarded several times from the air and that the government had ordered that it be abandoned by civilian population within two days.

Thursday 11th April: The capital is abandoned by civilians by this time. (Oslo, Norway)

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