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Saturday 12th August: The directors of the Supermarine Aviation Co. host a luncheon at their Works Assembly Shop on the occasion of the Schneider Trophy Race in Naples, Italy. The race is won by the Supermarine Sea Lion II designed by R.J. Mitchell, setting a record speed of 145 mph. Hoping to capitalize on the directors' good spirits, Mitchell approaches Commander Bride with his idea for a revolutionary design - the Spitfire; however, though Bride recognizes his flair for design, he feels Mitchell needs more "practical experience" and assigns him to the assembly shop for "a couple of years". (Southampton, England)


Monday 26th October: R.J. Mitchell's controversial new aircraft, Supermarine S.4, crashes into Chesapeake Bay at the Schneider International Seaplane Race when its pilot Geoffrey Crisp loses consciousness after maxing out at 230 mph. American flyer, Jimmy Doolittle, wins the race in his Curtis bi-plane at a top speed of 210 mph. (Baltimore, Maryland)


Tuesday 27th September: Despite Il Duce's predictions of an Italian victory, the R.J. Mitchell-designed Supermarine S.5 piloted by RAF Lieutenant Geoffrey Crisp wins the Schneider Trophy for England with a top speed of 281 mph. (Venice, Italy)


Monday 12th March: Poor weather downs R.J. Mitchell's Supermarine Napier seaplane during speed trials in an attempt to break Supermarine's own speed record. Flight-Lieutenant S.M. Kinkead is killed instantly. (Strait of Solent, England)


Sunday 15th September: Zero Day. Squadrons of British Spitfires successfully beat back the invading German Luftwaffe in the final Battle of Britain. (South Coast of England)

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