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Movie events on the 24th March


John Wesley Powell is born. (Palmyra, New York) (Ten Who Dared)


Maruska Kuder (Poland) (...And Give My Love to the Swallows)


Silent film icon Don Lockwood and his friends Kathy Selden and Cosmo Brown concoct a plan to save his new sound picture "The Dueling Cavelier" after a disasterous preview. They celebrate by singing "Good Morning". When Don walks home, he's caught on a rain storm, which calls for more dancing and the rain. (Hollywood, California) (Singin' in the Rain)


The newspaper The Continental Drift runs the headline "Zero Corners Market." (Zubrowka) (The Grand Budapest Hotel)


Donald Fauntleroy Duck is drafted into the army. (Donald Gets Drafted)


Dave Lockwood is born. (Atlanta, Georgia) (The Change-Up)


Chief Accountant Frederick Keinszig is seen leaving the offices of International Immobialiare. (Vatican City) (The Godfather: Part III)


An alignment of the stars in the Casseopeia region heralds the Second Coming of Christ. (England) (Omen III: The Final Conflict)


John Bender, Claire Standish, Allison Reynolds, Brian Johnson and Andrew Clark become friends after a day in detention. (The Breakfast Club)


Ethan Hunt kidnaps John C. McCloy to gather information about the virus Chimera and its cure. (Sydney, Australia) (Mission: Impossible 2)


Dr.Lawrence Gordon writes a report about John Kramer's inoperable frontal-lobe tumor. (Saw III)


Easter Monday (Still Waiting...)


April is fired from Channel 6 after she tries explaining to Bernadette Thompson about what she saw. She tells Eric Sacks about the turtles. The turtles hack into her computer and ask her to meet with them. (New York City, New York) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

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