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13th March: Takeda Harunobu advances on Suwa in Shinano with an army of 20,000 men. Yamamoto Kansuke negotiates peace terms with Lord Suwa Yorishige. Suwa will be assassinated within the month on Takeda's orders. (Shinano, Japan)


14th January: Takeda Harunobu's army attacks Suwa; the Suwa army sallies from Takashima Castle to Fumonji Temple. (Shinano, Japan)


3rd March: Princess Yu, daughter of the slain Lord Suwa Yorishige, presents Lord Takeda Harunobu with a son. The new prince unites the noble bloodlines of Takeda and Suwa. (Kai, Japan)

15th March: Takeda Harunobu attacks Toishi Castle in Murakami's domain in Shinano; however, aided by the rugged terrain and expecting Murakami reinforcements, the castle commander, Kasahara Kiyoshige, resists strongly. (Shinano, Japan)


17th February: The Takeda and Murakami armies clash at Uedagahara once again. (Uedagahara, Japan)


20th February: Lord Takeda Harunobu and Yamamoto Kansuke shave their heads and become monks; it took Kansuke three years to persuade Takeda to take holy orders; Takeda agrees in order to be reborn an even more powerful general; he takes the new name of Takeda Shingen. (Kai, Japan)


24th February: The army of Uesgi Kenshin marches on Shinano. Takeda Shige's army camps a Unnodaira in Shinano; Takeda's 15,000 men face down 6,000 Uesugi troops; for three days, neither side moves. (Shinano, Japan)


3rd November: Construction of Kaizu Castle at Kawanakajima is finally complete; Young Lord Katsuyori, age 14, is installed as head of the province. (Kawanakajima, Japan)


4th August: Uesugi marches from Kasuga Castle with an army of 13,000 men destined for Kawanakajima. (Kawanakajima, Japan)

7th August: With Fuurinkazan banners in hand, the Takeda army departs from Kofucha with 18,000 men oraganized into 18 troops. (Kofucha, Japan)

September: At the Battle of Kawanakajima, Takeda army strategist, Yamamoto Kansuke Haruyuki, finds himself outwitted by Uesugi Shingen when Takeda troops are drawn out of their strategically superior position in Kaizu Castle. His vanguard surrounded, Kansuke is forced to defend himself on open ground. Blinded in one eye, he is finally brought down by a Uesugi spearsman. (Kawanakajima, Japan)

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