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Movie history events from 1866

Captain Nemo travels with his submarine. (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)

11 year old Clara Clayton becomes interested in astronomy when her father gives her a telescope when she has diphtheria. (Back to the Future Part III)

Bill Miner, "The Gentleman Bandit", robs his first stagecoach. (The Grey Fox)

An iron-clad ship was sighted sailing up the Niger River after a very severe storm. (Mali) (Sahara)

Mattie Ross is born. (True Grit)

Gregor Johann Mendel establishes the theory of hereditary traits through his work with pea plants. (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

20th February: Scarlett O'Hara Kennedy draws a check on the Atlanta National Bank for $300.00 paid to the order of the Tax Collector, Clayton Co., Ga. thus saving her plantation, Tara. (Clayton County, GA) (Gone with the Wind)

4th August: Ret. Union Major Jeff Clanton is recognized by the proprietor of the Cherokee Springs Trading Post from his wanted poster and is forced to shoot his way out; he flees with the Fowler Detective Agency hot on his trail. (Cherokee Springs, Missouri) (Best of the Badmen)

26th October: William "Kid" Gleason is born. (Camden, New Jersey) (Eight Men Out)

4th December: Wassily Kandinsky is born. (Moscow, Russia) (Six Degrees of Separation)

21st December: Determined to challenge the growing American military presence in their territory, Indians lure Lieutenant Colonel William Fetterman and his soldiers into a deadly ambush. (Wyoming) (Chief Crazy Horse)

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