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Movie history events from 1965

Future paranormal author Michael Enslin is born. (1408)

Andy Stitzer is born. (Los Angeles, CA) (The 40 Year Old Virgin)

James Brennan is born. (Adventureland)

Terry Fields reported missing in action. (An Loc, Vietnam) (American Graffiti)

Fran Kubelik used to go with an executive who got caught up in account shortages. He'll be out in 1965. (Pittsburgh) (The Apartment)

Nazi war criminal Kurt Dussander is spotted in West Berlin. (Apt Pupil)

An invasion from the planet Natal is thwarted when all the Earth's nations fight back. (Battle in Outer Space)

Aaron Altman graduates high school, 2 months shy of his 15th birthday, then gets beaten up. (Boston, MA) (Broadcast News)

Jim Morrison meets Pamela Courson. (London, England) (The Doors)

Mark Ratner is born. (Ridgemont, CA) (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)

Good Morning Vietnam. (Vietnam) (Good Morning, Vietnam)

Nickel's Hardware opens. (Haddonfield, Illinois) (Halloween)

Youths escape Gorman House and go on a trip that results in Jedidiah Sawyer's transformation into Leatherface. (Texas) (Leatherface)

Samantha Cole (maiden name unknown) born. (Liar Liar)

The Folksmen perform 'Old Joe's Place' on TV's Hoot Nite. (A Mighty Wind)

John and Mimi are photographed. (Liverpool, England) (Nowhere Boy)

Amylu Kern dies. (Bodega Bay, California) (Puppet Master II)

The cars are in the movie (Remember the Titans)

Woodrow Buttrey is born. (RoboCop)

Rocky Balboa meets Mickey Goldmill. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (Rocky)

Rachael Evans born. (The Royal Tenenbaums)

John Savage is born. (The Savages)

Jonas Singer is born. (Saw II)

Catherine Martin is born. (Tennessee) (The Silence of the Lambs)

A picture is taken of Clark Kent. (Smallville) (Superman III)

James McKeen Costa is born. (Taking Lives)

June Carter performs with Johnny Cash and is shunned by his wife and family. (Las Vegas, Nevada) (Walk the Line)

Charles Xavier opens the School for Gifted Youngsters. (New York City, New York) (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Tuesday 5th January: The mother of Charlie and Ray Babbit dies from an illness. (Cincinnati, Ohio) (Rain Man)

Thursday 21st January: Raymond Babbit leaves 10961 Beechrest Street. There are 7.2 inches of snow that day. (Cincinnati, Ohio) (Rain Man)

Sunday 24th January: Winston Churchill dies. (London, England) (Young Winston)

Sunday 21st February: Malcolm X assassinated. (New York) (Malcolm X)

Tuesday 23rd February: Stan Laurel dies. (Santa Monica, California) (Chaplin)

March: Walter E. Kurtz successfully completes training in intelligence and psychological operations, counter-insurgency, and specialist course. (Apocalypse Now)

Wednesday 17th March: After a sandstorm disables the engines, Frank Towns crash lands his plane in the desert at 4pm. (Sahara Desert ) (Flight of the Phoenix)

Wednesday 14th April: Richard 'Dick' Hickock and Perry Smith are executed for the murder of the Clutter family, with Truman Capote present. (Kansas) (Capote)

Monday 19th April: David Banner takes notes on a sea cucumber's defensive tissue hardening. (Hulk)

Tuesday 18th May: On his 1st wedding anniversary, Louis Jeffries is hit by a car and dies. In Heaven he opts to be reborn as someone else, but is not given his Memory-Forgetting Tranquilizer (or whatever it's called). (Chances Are)

Tuesday 25th May: Life magazine headline: "CASSIUS CLAY Taunting the Defeated Sonny Liston in the First Round." (New York City, New York) (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)

June: Class of '65 graduates. (Smallville) (Superman III)

Monday 7th June: The Five Heartbeats meet their future manager, Jimmy Potter after an unsuccessful appearance at Little G's Monthly Talent Show. (New York, New York) (The Five Heartbeats)

Sunday 25th July: Bob Dylan performs for the first time with electric instruments. (I'm Not There.)

Sunday 8th August: A nineteen-year-old is sacrificed. (Gatlin, Nebraska) (Children of the Corn)

Tuesday 17th August: Col. Jonathan Davis orders repairs stop on Wind Machine Rig # 35. (Cadence)

Wednesday 18th August: A nineteen-year-old is sacrificed. (Gatlin, Nebraska) (Children of the Corn)

Friday 20th August: Sandra Dee ends her contract with Universal. (Beyond the Sea)

Saturday 28th August: A letter from Sam Shakusky of Billingsley Boys' Home to Suzy Bishop of Summer's End, New Penzance Island enters into the care of the postal service. (Chesterfield Station) (Moonrise Kingdom)

Monday 30th August: Colonel William E. Kurte writes a letter of appreciation to Benjamin L. Willard. (Apocalypse Now)

September: Athena notices that Frank Walker is paying a specific kind of attention to her. (Tomorowland) (Tomorrowland)

Thursday 2nd September: Sam Shukusky steals a miniature canoe, some fishing tackle, ten pounds of sundries, two bedrolls, & an air rifle, and runs away from his Khaki Scout Troop, leaving a letter of resignation for his Scout Master Randall Ward. (Black Beacon Sound, New Penzance Island) (Moonrise Kingdom)

Friday 3rd September: Alex Furlong is born. (New York City) (Freejack)

Friday 3rd September: Sam Shakusky, recently escaped from his Khaki Scout troop, meets up with Suzy Bishop and her cat to run away together. (New Penzance Island) (Moonrise Kingdom)

Saturday 4th September: Khaki Scout Troop 55 find run-aways Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop in the woods. Sam shoots a scout named Deluca in both arms with a stolen air rifle and Suzy stabs a scout named Redford in the back with lefty scissors. A scout nicknamed Lazy-Eye accidentally shoots the troop dog in the neck with a bow and arrow. (New Penzance Island) (Moonrise Kingdom)

Sunday 5th September: A ferocious storm strikes Black Beacon Sound from the east. (Black Beacon Sound) (Moonrise Kingdom)

Thursday 9th September: A nineteen-year-old is sacrificed. (Gatlin, Nebraska) (Children of the Corn)

Friday 17th September: A nineteen-year-old is sacrificed. (Gatlin, Nebraska) (Children of the Corn)

Sunday 19th September: James Bond recognises NATO pilot Francois Derval in a photograph. (Whitehall, London) (Thunderball)

Thursday 30th September: Journalist, Guy Hamilton with the help of photographer, Billy Kwan cover the overthrow of President Sukarno. (Jakarta, Indonesia) (The Year of Living Dangerously)

October: Athena is confused by her feelings toward Frank Walker. (Tomorrowland) (Tomorrowland)

Sunday 10th October: Reconstruction of Black Beacon Sound after a particularly ferocious storm continues ahead of schedule. (New Penzance Island) (Moonrise Kingdom)

Tuesday 12th October: Nicky Donatelli is born. (Punisher: War Zone)

Monday 18th October: A nineteen-year-old is born. (Gatlin, Nebraska) (Children of the Corn)

Saturday 23rd October: Gertrude Baniszweski brands Syliva Likens' stomach (Indianapolis) (An American Crime)

Tuesday 26th October: Sylvia Likens dies after being tortured by Gertrude Baniszweski. (Indanapolis) (An American Crime)

Friday 5th November: "Maverick" Mitchell's father is shot down while flying a Navy F4 Phantom. (Top Gun)

Sunday 14th November: Parts of the 1st Battalion 7th Cavalry, the 2nd Battalion 7th Cavalry, and the 1st Battalion 5th Cavalry of the United States Army land at LZ Xray. (Ia Drang Valley,Plei Mei, South Vietnam) (We Were Soldiers)

Wednesday 17th November: A battalion from the 1st Cavalry Division is ambushed by the 8th Battalion of the North Vietnamese 66th Regiment. (Ia Drang Valley, Vietnam) (We Were Soldiers)

December: Dr. Robert Morgan inherits the world when a plague makes him "The Last Man On Earth". (The Last Man on Earth)

Saturday 18th December: A nineteen-year-old is sacrificed. (Gatlin, Nebraska) (Children of the Corn)

Friday 31st December: Deena Jones & the Dreams make their Las Vegas debut. (Las Vegas, Nevada) (Dreamgirls)

Friday 31st December: Terry "Toad" Fields is declared missing in action after a booby-trapped latrine explodes. (nr An Loc, Vietnam) (More American Graffiti)

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