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Movie events on the 26th October


William "Kid" Gleason is born. (Camden, New Jersey) (Eight Men Out)


After years of feuding and mounting tensions the (Tombstone, Arizona) (Gunfight at the O.K. Corral)

Gunfight at the OK Corral (Tombstone)


Watson brings the dog Tobe and meets with Holmes. (Hammersmith, London, England) (The Seven-Per-Cent Solution)


R.J. Mitchell's controversial new aircraft, Supermarine S.4, crashes into Chesapeake Bay at the Schneider International Seaplane Race when its pilot Geoffrey Crisp loses consciousness after maxing out at 230 mph. American flyer, Jimmy Doolittle, wins the race in his Curtis bi-plane at a top speed of 210 mph. (Baltimore, Maryland) (The First of the Few)


Harry Allen tries to mercifully murder his wife, Pat, by mixing the darkroom developing chemical altrapeine into her antacid medication, later discovering his mistress, Kay, is dumping him after being carefully seduced by his best friend, Richard Langley. (USA) (Married Life)


Sylvia Likens dies after being tortured by Gertrude Baniszweski. (Indanapolis) (An American Crime)


Einstein the dog travels a minute into the future, and Marty is chased by Libyans back into 1955. (Back to the Future)

Helen drinks the potion to make her forever young. (Death Becomes Her)


4 days remain. (Donnie Darko)


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is released. (North America) (The Break-Up)

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