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Sawyer Farms is founded. (Newt, Texas)


The state of Texas institutes an endangered childcare program. The first year, nearly fifty children are taken from homes where criminal activity is the norm. Most of these children are given new names and entered into foster care. Others are remitted to Gorman House Youth Reformery. (Texas)


Jedidiah Sawyer is born to Verna and Drayton Sawyer, who may be brother and sister. (Texas)


Jedidiah Sawyer receives a chainsaw for his birthday but is unable to kill a thief in front of his family. Grandpa Sawyer kills the man instead with a hammer. (Newt, Texas)


Jedidiah Sawyer lures Betty Hartman into a death trap, and her boyfriend Ted Hardesty is unable to get to her in time. Her father, Sheriff Hal Hartman, has a warrant to send Jed to Gorman House Youth Reformery. (Newt, Texas)


Youths escape Gorman House and go on a trip that results in Jedidiah Sawyer's transformation into Leatherface. (Texas)

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