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A woman begins a career in social services.


Friday 5th June: Sam Shukusky registers with Khaki Scout Troop 55 (New Penzance Island)

July: Summer: Sam Shakusky meets Suzy Bishop backstage at a children's stage performance of the Noah's Ark story. (New Penzance Island)


Saturday 28th August: A letter from Sam Shakusky of Billingsley Boys' Home to Suzy Bishop of Summer's End, New Penzance Island enters into the care of the postal service. (Chesterfield Station)

Thursday 2nd September: Sam Shukusky steals a miniature canoe, some fishing tackle, ten pounds of sundries, two bedrolls, & an air rifle, and runs away from his Khaki Scout Troop, leaving a letter of resignation for his Scout Master Randall Ward. (Black Beacon Sound, New Penzance Island)

Friday 3rd September: Sam Shakusky, recently escaped from his Khaki Scout troop, meets up with Suzy Bishop and her cat to run away together. (New Penzance Island)

Saturday 4th September: Khaki Scout Troop 55 find run-aways Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop in the woods. Sam shoots a scout named Deluca in both arms with a stolen air rifle and Suzy stabs a scout named Redford in the back with lefty scissors. A scout nicknamed Lazy-Eye accidentally shoots the troop dog in the neck with a bow and arrow. (New Penzance Island)

Sunday 5th September: A ferocious storm strikes Black Beacon Sound from the east. (Black Beacon Sound)

Sunday 10th October: Reconstruction of Black Beacon Sound after a particularly ferocious storm continues ahead of schedule. (New Penzance Island)

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