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Movie history events from 1952

Howard Hunt is connected to the Eisenhower campaign. (All the President's Men)

Billy Weber gets sick after drinking. (American Graffiti)

Gloria is born. (Away We Go)

The Hudon Hornet has a record breaking 27 wins and also wins the Piston Cup. (Cars)

Ray Kinsella born. (New York) (Field of Dreams)

Ray Kinsella born. (Field of Dreams)

Michael Corleone assumes control of family business interests. (The Godfather)

Walt Kowalski fights in the Korean War. (Gran Torino)

Hannibal escapes from Lecter Castle, converted into an orphanage, and makes his way to France where he begins his quest for revenge. (Lithuania) (Hannibal Rising)

Hickory Huskers shock Muncie to win Indiana High School basketball title. (Indiana) (Hoosiers)

Hickory Huskers shock South Bend Central to win Indiana High School basketball title. (Butler Fieldhouse - Indianapolis) (Hoosiers)

Ella Hirsch wears a particular pair of shoes, presumably as she gets married to husband Ira. (In Her Shoes)

The new LAPD facility begins construction at the Parker Center. (Los Angeles, CA) (LA Confidential)

Jedidiah Sawyer receives a chainsaw for his birthday but is unable to kill a thief in front of his family. Grandpa Sawyer kills the man instead with a hammer. (Newt, Texas) (Leatherface)

Emma Friehl is born. (A Lot Like Love)

A medical breakthrough means that human lifespan now typically exceeds 100 years. (Never Let Me Go)

The Tablet of Ashkmenrah arrives at the Museum of Natural History, causing everything in the museum to come to life. (New York) (Night at the Museum)

Tovar & Sons Receiving is established. (Night of the Living Dead 3D)

People start performing a ritual called the virgin sacrifice. (Del Mar, California) (Psycho Beach Party)

The Quiet American. (Saigon) (The Quiet American)

Ray Charles records Mess-Around. (Ray)

Lillian Crabtree dies. (Louisville, Kentucky) (The Return of the Living Dead)

The deadly VX nerve gas accidentally discovered. (The Rock)

Cry The Beloved Country is released. (Six Degrees of Separation)

Undercover FBI agent Freeman Heller is shot & killed by mafioso Primo Sparazza. Sparazza then undergoes a series of plastic surgeries. (Las Vegas, Nv) (Smokin' Aces)

Dom Perignon champagne is produced. (The Spy Who Loved Me)

Johnny Cash posted in the military. (Landsberg, Germany) (Walk the Line)

Senator Joseph McCarthy continues his witch-hunts. (Walk the Line)

Friday 4th January: Ernesto Guevara de la Serna finishes his medical exams. (Argentina) (The Motorcycle Diaries)

Sunday 27th January: Amid celebration of the Chinese New Year, the body of a young American is found face down in the muddy banks of the Saigon River along with that of his dog. His murderers are unknown. (Saigon, Vietnam) (The Quiet American)

Tuesday 29th January: 1809km in to their cross-continent motorcycle journey, Ernesto Guevara and Alberto Granado continue their journey after seeing Ernesto's lady-friend Chichina. (Piedra del Aguila, Argentina) (The Motorcycle Diaries)

Saturday 2nd February: 2270km into their motorcycle journey, Ernesto and Alberto catch a duck. (Estacion de Tren de Bariloche, Argentina) (The Motorcycle Diaries)

Friday 15th February: 2306km into their motorcycle journey, Ernesto and Alberto cross into Chile. (Lago Frias, Argentina) (The Motorcycle Diaries)

Monday 18th February: Ernesto and Alberto are 2772km into their motorcycle journey. (Temugo, Chile) (The Motorcycle Diaries)

Thursday 21st February: Mary Ann Boyd is born. (Halifax, Nova Scotia) (Argo)

Sunday 24th February: John Donaghy, father of Amelia Donaghy, born. (Brooklyn, NY) (The Bone Collector)

Tuesday 11th March: Ernesto and Alberto lose their motorcycle at the desert, 4960km into their trek across South America. (The Atagama Desert, Chile) (The Motorcycle Diaries)

Saturday 15th March: Ernesto and Alberto face security at the mine. (The Chiquicamata Mine, Chile) (The Motorcycle Diaries)

Sunday 16th March: Susan Young is born to Buddy and Elaine. (Las Vegas) (Mr. Saturday Night)

April: The start of intramural season coincides with tax season. (The Shawshank Redemption)

Wednesday 2nd April: Alberto and Ernesto emark on the Inca Trail. (Cuzco, Peru) (The Motorcycle Diaries)

Wednesday 2nd April: Alberto pretends it's his 30th birthday. (The Motorcycle Diaries)

Saturday 5th April: Alerbto and Ernesto are 7014km into their epic trek. (Machu Picchu, Peru) (The Motorcycle Diaries)

Monday 28th April: Dwight D Eisenhower steps down as Supreme Commander of NATO. (Ike)

Monday 12th May: Alberto and Ernesto arrive in Lima and are shocked at civlisation after seeing the lost Inca settlements. (Lima, Peru) (The Motorcycle Diaries)

Thursday 15th May: Alberto and Ernesto are 8983km into their epic trek. (Pucallpa, Peru) (The Motorcycle Diaries)

Sunday 8th June: 10223km into their journey, Alberto and Ernesto finally arrive in San Paolo by boat, after gambling to win a night with pretty prostitute Luz. (San Paolo, Peru) (The Motorcycle Diaries)

Saturday 14th June: Dance night with the nuns at the leper colony, as Alberto and Ernesto begin to leave for home. (San Pablo, Peru) (The Motorcycle Diaries)

Sunday 22nd June: Alberto and Ernesto are 10240km into their journey across South America. (Cerca de Leticia, Colombia) (The Motorcycle Diaries)

Monday 21st July: Brian Jonathan Greene born. (Michigan) (Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale)

Saturday 26th July: Alberto and Ernesto finish their journey across South America and board a plane for home. (Caracas, Venezuela) (The Motorcycle Diaries)

Friday 8th August: Alberto Granado's actual 30th birthday. (The Motorcycle Diaries)

Monday 8th September: Mitch Robbins is born. (City Slickers)

Monday 8th September: Mitch Robbins is born. (City Slickers 2)

Monday 22nd September: Machinist's Mate 1st Class Dylan Rourke is awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal of Heroism despite abandoning his dive partner. (Bayonne, New Jersey) (Men of Honour)

Tuesday 30th September: John C. McCloy born. (Manchester, England) (Mission: Impossible 2)

Tuesday 4th November: Sam "Big Clobber" Puckett makes his Record Spit of 44 ft, 6 1/2" at Porky's Bar. (Wallacetown, Fl) (Porky's)

Thursday 20th November: Frank Sinatra agrees to a screen test for a role in "From Here to Eternity". (Sinatra)

Sunday 23rd November: Francis Dollarhyde is born. (Chester, Missouri) (Manhunter)

Monday 24th November: Life magazine headline: "NOVA SCOTIA FISHERMEN AT SEA OFF THE GRAND BANKS." (New York City, New York) (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)

Monday 1st December: Life magazine cover features an audience watching a 3D movie. (New York City, New York) (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)

Wednesday 24th December: Members of the LAPD get into a brawl with a gang of Mexicans that assaulted two officers and the incident is caught by the press and labeled "Bloody Christmas". (Los Angeles, California) (LA Confidential)

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