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Tuesday 8th August: Alberto Granado, future friend to Che Guevara, is born.


Thursday 14th June: Ernesto 'Che' Guevara is born.


The Norton 500 motorcycle, aka "The Mighty One", is constructed that Alberto Granado and Ernesto Guevara will ride across South America, and eventually leave wrecked before the Chilean desert.


Friday 4th January: Ernesto Guevara de la Serna finishes his medical exams. (Argentina)

Tuesday 29th January: 1809km in to their cross-continent motorcycle journey, Ernesto Guevara and Alberto Granado continue their journey after seeing Ernesto's lady-friend Chichina. (Piedra del Aguila, Argentina)

Saturday 2nd February: 2270km into their motorcycle journey, Ernesto and Alberto catch a duck. (Estacion de Tren de Bariloche, Argentina)

Friday 15th February: 2306km into their motorcycle journey, Ernesto and Alberto cross into Chile. (Lago Frias, Argentina)

Monday 18th February: Ernesto and Alberto are 2772km into their motorcycle journey. (Temugo, Chile)

Tuesday 11th March: Ernesto and Alberto lose their motorcycle at the desert, 4960km into their trek across South America. (The Atagama Desert, Chile)

Saturday 15th March: Ernesto and Alberto face security at the mine. (The Chiquicamata Mine, Chile)

Wednesday 2nd April: Alberto and Ernesto emark on the Inca Trail. (Cuzco, Peru)

Wednesday 2nd April: Alberto pretends it's his 30th birthday.

Saturday 5th April: Alerbto and Ernesto are 7014km into their epic trek. (Machu Picchu, Peru)

Monday 12th May: Alberto and Ernesto arrive in Lima and are shocked at civlisation after seeing the lost Inca settlements. (Lima, Peru)

Thursday 15th May: Alberto and Ernesto are 8983km into their epic trek. (Pucallpa, Peru)

Sunday 8th June: 10223km into their journey, Alberto and Ernesto finally arrive in San Paolo by boat, after gambling to win a night with pretty prostitute Luz. (San Paolo, Peru)

Saturday 14th June: Dance night with the nuns at the leper colony, as Alberto and Ernesto begin to leave for home. (San Pablo, Peru)

Sunday 22nd June: Alberto and Ernesto are 10240km into their journey across South America. (Cerca de Leticia, Colombia)

Saturday 26th July: Alberto and Ernesto finish their journey across South America and board a plane for home. (Caracas, Venezuela)

Friday 8th August: Alberto Granado's actual 30th birthday.


Che Guevara meets Alberto Granado for the first time since their epic trek across South America eight years beforehand. (Cuba)


Monday 9th October: Che Guevara is executed. (Bolivia)

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