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Friday 22nd June: Twins Jerry and Ethan Shaw born. (USA)


Saturday 22nd June: By this time, Ethan Shaw has learned to walk. (USA)

December: Jerry Shaw starts walking. (USA)


Monday 25th December: Jerry sees Ethan for the last time. (USA)


Jerry drops out of Stanford University. (Stanford, California)


January: Jerry talks to Ethan on the phone for the last time. (USA)

July: Jerry starts going six months without a "boo" or a "bah". (USA)


Tuesday 20th January: Jerry's dad writes him a check. (USA)

Friday 23rd January: Ethan Shaw dies in a car crash. (USA)

Saturday 24th January: Jerry Shaw receives a phone call, telling him that his twin brother Ethan has died in an auto accident. (USA)

Sunday 25th January: Jerry Shaw comes home to his small rented room to find that it's full of illegal weapons and chemicals. He receives a mysterious phone call telling him to flee the scene. Less than a minute later, the FBI break into his place and arrest him. (USA)

Monday 26th January: Jerry Shaw and Rachel Holloman arrive at Indianapolis. They steal a silver brief case, get on a Japanese tour bus en route to the airport. There, they manage to evade the police and sneak onto a military aircraft. After a short flight, the plane lands at the Pentagon. (Indianapolis and D.C.)

Sunday 12th April: People reflect on the events that took place in Washington D.C. (USA)

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