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6th January: Sherlock Holmes born.


Sherlock Holmes stops Lord Blackwood from killing the entire parliament (London, England)

April: John Watson starts taking notes on his and Holmes' exploits for the next seven months. (London, England)

12th November: Sherlock Holmes and John Watson capture Lord Blackwood. (London, England)

13th November: A newspaper says "Lord Blackwood Hangs Tomorrow." (London, England)

14th November: Lord Blackwood fakes his death during his hanging. (London, England)

20th November: It is discovered that Lord Blackwood is not in his grave. Police Gazette headline: "London Terror." (London, England)

21st November: Irene drugs Holmes and handcuffs him naked to a bed. Lord Chief Justice Sir Thomas Rotheram dies in his bathtub thanks to Lord Blackwood. (London, England)

22nd November: Rotheram is found dead in his bathtub. Lord Blackwood kills U.S. Ambassador Standish. (London, England)

23rd November: Holmes and Watson find Irene in a warehouse and find out that Home Secretary Lord Coward is secretly working with Lord Blackwood. Holmes goes into hiding to study Blackwood's rituals. (London, England)

24th November: Holmes and Watson save Parliament from Blackwood's chemical weapon. Coward is captured. Holmes persues Irene Adler on the Tower Bridge, where Blackwood is hanged. (London, England)

25th November: A police officer is found dead. Holmes believes that he was killed by Professor Moriarty, who took a component from the chemical weapon the previous day. (London, England)

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